Timing Is Everything

Darcy Hicks was delighted when her private plow guy did a great job on her long, steep Harding Lane driveway.

She was less pleased when the town truck came through a little while later.

Darcy Hicks

The good news: She’s got strong sons to help.

The bad news: It’s gonna snow again tonight.

A lot.

5 responses to “Timing Is Everything

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Avoid windrows by piling snow to the left (when facing your house).

  2. Adam Schwartz '75

    Memories, ……..

  3. Adam Schwartz '75

    You know, we have huge problems in the winter here in Southern California, too. When it’s 86 degrees outside and we have to use the air conditioning in February, all that cold, dry air really messes with your sinuses. Seriously, it’s a horrible problem to deal with!

  4. Adam: Do you know the difference between southern California and yoghurt?

    Yoghurt has an active culture.