Be Careful Out There!

If you are one of the 5 families still in Westport this Presidents Day weekend/ February school vacation, this post is for you.

Our plow guys have done a fantastic job this winter, clearing streets and parking lots. But all that snow had to go somewhere, and tons of it ended up obscuring sight lines.

The result: Drivers are inching out into roads further than they’re used to. Meanwhile, roads are narrower than normal, with snow lining the sides.


Bottom line: Be careful when entering into traffic.

And if you’re the “traffic,” watch out for the other guy.

Meanwhile, for everyone else in Anguilla or Cabo or wherever: Don’t forget sun block!

3 responses to “Be Careful Out There!

  1. Dan, super coverage of our snow woes this winter, and though I feel bad for my neighbors with busted mailboxes and such, I have to say I am totally impressed by our town’s Public Works crews. Their skill and diligence in keeping our roads passable should be commended. They’re the ones who should be heading off to a warm, sunny beach this week! But with more snow on the way, no rest for the weary, I suppose…

  2. I agree 100%,Scott — thanks. I hope my admiration for our Public Works guys has come through. They are fantastic — and get very, very little praise.
    If you see ’em — a coffee or hot chocolate (or gift certificate to the diner) goes a long way!

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Be careful, prepared for flooding when this snow begins to melt. Clear the drains.