Staples Snow Scenes

School is canceled for the 2nd straight day.

Next week is winter break. There’s a professional development day scheduled for the following Monday. Oy.

This morning, the scene was serene — if snowy — at Staples High School.

It was all very pretty.

Unless you own the car in the bottom photo.

Staples High School in snow

Staples High School snow

Snow scene 3

4 responses to “Staples Snow Scenes

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    When will Westport kids get out of school this year. How many snow days were built into the calendar? Surely not enough for this extraordinary winter.

  2. Today is their 6th snow day; per the written policy (reminded to all parents just yesterday) any snow day after 5 comes out of the school’s spring vacation in March – so we just spent one of those.

  3. Adam Schwartz '75

    When I was a child growing up in Westport back in the 60’s it took a Bulldozer to get me out of bed each morning for school as i was NOT a morning person. But when we went to bed at night and there was even a slight chance of school closing the next day due to snow, my brother and I were wide awake at 6 am with our ears glued to the radio listening to WMMM with our fingers and toes crossed that we would hear the word “Coleytown”. And when we did it was straight outside for hours of snow ball fights, building sled runs down the side of the house and skating on the pond!