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Pic Of The Day #1567

Photographer JC Martin makes the abandoned phone booth at the Merritt Parkway Exit 42 commuter parking lot look almost beautiful.

Pic Of The Day #928

It’s been a while since anyone used a pay phone. It’s been longer since SNET removed the phone from this Merritt Parkway Exit 42 commuter booth.

In fact, who even remembers SNET? It’s now part of Frontier.

So Frontier, if you’re listening: You bought this eyesore. Please be a good neighbor, and haul it away.

(Photo/Bill Dedman)


Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #73

Last week’s 2-fer — photos of a boulder surrounded by overgrown brush, and a plaque saying the planting was made possible by the Westport Garden Club — was as tough as the tangled weeds in Bob Weingarten’s shot.

Only 2 “06880” readers — Diane Bosch and Elaine Marino — knew it was hidden in plain site: at the Merritt Parkway Exit 42 commuter parking lot.

The Westport Garden Club didn’t know. But they responded quickly, noting that although they help with plantings, they are not responsible for (non)-maintenance like this. (To see the photos and all guesses, click here.)

This week’s challenge comes courtesy of Joyce Joiner. If you think you know where you’ve seen this colorfully intriguing scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Joyce Joiner)

(Photo/Joyce Joiner)

Today’s Very Entitled Parker Is A Double Loser

Regular readers know “06880” has no tolerance for people who hog handicapped spaces.

But there are no words to describe what Amy Scarella saw today, at the Merritt Parkway Exit 42 commuter lot:

Exit 42 parking lot

That does not appear to be a handicapped permit dangling from the rear-view mirror — it looks like one of those pine-scent things.

But it would take a pretty powerful one to erase the stink from this driver.

Note to Police: Hopefully the car is still there. If so, that would be 2 tickets for this Very Special Driver.