Today’s Very Entitled Parker Is A Double Loser

Regular readers know “06880” has no tolerance for people who hog handicapped spaces.

But there are no words to describe what Amy Scarella saw today, at the Merritt Parkway Exit 42 commuter lot:

Exit 42 parking lot

That does not appear to be a handicapped permit dangling from the rear-view mirror — it looks like one of those pine-scent things.

But it would take a pretty powerful one to erase the stink from this driver.

Note to Police: Hopefully the car is still there. If so, that would be 2 tickets for this Very Special Driver.

19 responses to “Today’s Very Entitled Parker Is A Double Loser

  1. As a disabled person, I greatly appreciate these posts!! Keep em comin and maybe we can eradicate these idiots

  2. Dan,

    I think I might have mentioned this once before, but why don’t you put something in the blog asking the people who photograph parking jobs like this to take a moment to get the phone number. The impact would be great.


  3. I was in that lot last night at 8:30PM and this same car was parked exactly as shown in the photo…..begging the question of if/how often this lot is checked by the Police.

  4. Anne Pfeiffer

    how about showing the license plate?

  5. Susan Hopkins

    I never tire of these “entitled” photos, but this one made my Irish flare. Beyond the pale. A willful, egregious act of selfishness and entitlement.

  6. Jill Turner Odice

    If they ran out of gas, how hard is it to push the car so it is not blocking not one but 2 handicap spots? Unless they are handicapped…

  7. Ann Bacharach

    I’m with Jim. This is so egregious there must some back story…I hope.

  8. Double Points… best egregious parking job of 2015 so far! Almost a. Bad joke it’s so ridiculous!

  9. Sandy Soennichsen

    Did anyone call the police and register a complaint? Bet they would have ticketed it, or towed it. Maybe call the State Police.

  10. LOL — and unbelievable again. Don’t feel bad, Westport, this disorder is everywhere.

  11. Sharon Paulsen

    This stuff cracks me up!
    And I enjoy the mystery of trying to put some sense towards ridiculousness!

    I would love to hear the outcome/backstory behind this one! There aren’t many logical explanations that can justify this craziness.

    Even if it was, say, a drunk driving parking job, or an emergency situation of some sort, why has the car not been towed? (If it’s been there for over 24 hours?).

    Maybe this was simply abandonment or a car jack/joy ride type of thing?

    Or, someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s (hope not) who got confused or lost.

    Or just plain ‘ol stupidity. Even “entitled” behavior doesn’t seem to fit here.

    Dunno – scratching head.

  12. Mary Ann West

    I just returned from the DC area, where there was a non-handicapped car parked in the yellow stripe median space between two handicap spaces, meaning neither could be used.The irony is the Tennessee plate: PLS STP

  13. Paula Martin Roveda

    Someone could have some fun with this small car. Two guys could pick it up and move it to a “more suitable location”

  14. The pictures I think we would all prefer to see posted on Dan’s blog are of this car being checked out by the police to confirm if it was stolen, then a picture of it being ticketed for illegal parking and finally a picture of the car being impounded and being towed away. A picture of the jerk paying a large fine, tow charges and storage fees might deter some other entitled jerk from repeating this disgraceful behavior!!


  15. sandy johnson

    This has got to be one of the worst – disgusting maybe we should all go “key” the car also And, yes, where are the police? Wonder how often the lot is checked?

  16. Parking there IS their handicap!

  17. Simple but very effective. For the very egregious, put a ping pong ball in their tank. Can’t believe at 62 I’m thinking along these lines. But they are infuriating.