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Pic Of The Day #928

It’s been a while since anyone used a pay phone. It’s been longer since SNET removed the phone from this Merritt Parkway Exit 42 commuter booth.

In fact, who even remembers SNET? It’s now part of Frontier.

So Frontier, if you’re listening: You bought this eyesore. Please be a good neighbor, and haul it away.

(Photo/Bill Dedman)


Phoning It In

SNET pay phone - Merritt Parkway exit 42, Westport, CT Where is this sorry place — so god-forsaken, even its phone booth has been abandoned?

Some backwater cowtown in upstate Connecticut? The Berlin Turnpike?

Surprise!  It’s the Merritt Parkway exit 42 parking lot, right here in Westport.

SNET ceased to exist in 2005. You’d think over the past 4 years AT&T — or SBC, or whoever is now in charge — could close down their phone booth division properly.

PS:  Today is Clean-Up  Westport Day.  Enjoy!