Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #72

Last week’s tranquil-looking photo challenge was”sort of” easy.

A number of readers “kind of” placed it in the general area of Ford Road/the Glendinning office building (now Bridgewater headquarters). Props to Tom Reed, Eileen Lavigne Flug, Jill Turner Odice, Nancy Hunter Wilson, Richard Stein, Wendy Cusick, Jeff Giannone and Tom Wall.

No one actually said that Peter Tulupman’s shot was of the Leonard Schine Preserve. It’s a wonderful spot — apparently hidden from many. Learn more: http://www.aspetucklandtrust.org/17116.

This week’s photo challenge is our 1st-ever 2-fer. It’s important to see both the big picture —

Oh my 06880 1 - May 15, 2016

— and the plaque:

Oh my 06880 2 - May 15, 2016

This week’s photo challenge comes courtesy of Bob Weingarten. He’s best known for photographing old homes for the Westport Historical Society — but he couldn’t resist these shots.

If you know where you’d see this scene, click “Comments” below.

17 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #72

  1. Is it on the exit road leaving Longshore?

  2. Susan Iseman

    At the cemetery at the corner of Kings Hwy & Wilton Road?

  3. Kathi Sherman

    Grace Salmon Park on Imperial Avenue? (Don’t know if my spelling is correct.)

  4. Diane Bosch

    Is it in the park at the corner of Cross Highway and Weston Road?

  5. James Weisz

    in the back of the christ and holy trinity church cemetery on Kings Hwy North?

  6. More good guesses. But still wrong. Diane has come closest.

  7. Diane Bosch

    I’ll try again. . . At the on/off ramp to Merritt Parkway Exit 42 or in the commuter lot at Exit 42.

  8. Elaine Marino

    In the back of the commuter lot at exit 42.

  9. Ellen Greenberg

    Since its founding in 1924, the Westport Garden Club has been involved in many beautification projects including the creation of Grace K Salmon Park, the planting of dogwood trees along Cross Highway and the creation and maintenance of the entrance garden and Lucas Memorial Gardens at Compo Beach. We enter into many of these projects knowing that we will not be responsible for the maintenance. Sadly, the plaque shown here represents a project that we believe was undertaken in the 1930’s for which another entity is responsible for the maintenance. It saddens the Garden Club to see that this beautification project has not been maintained.
    Ellen Greenberg
    President, Westport Garden Club

    • Ellen, ever hear of the Neighborhood Nature Club? I think it had to do with Nevada Hitchcock. Was that the name of the Garden Club before its current name? There’s a plaque that used to be in the woods next to my childhood home now is on the corner of Cross Highway and Weston Road.

      • Ellen Greenberg

        Hi Mary,
        I have our club historian looking into the Neighborhood Nature Club. The WGC is one of the ten oldest garden clubs in New England. In 1929 the WGC was a charter member of the State Federation of Garden Clubs. Perhaps the WGC had a different name prior to 1929. We still maintain the Nevada Hitchcock Garden which was established in 1941 to honor this founding member of the club. It included the planting of 137 dogwood trees along Cross Highway. A few of which still survive at the garden at Cross Highway and Weston Road.
        Where was the plaque originally located?

        • There was a half acre park that was reverted back to the owner which was contiguous to my former home on 492 Main Street. I think it was a bird sanctuary. My dad asked me to go to town hall and find out who owned the property. I found that The club had disbanded a few decades before my research of it in the 60s. The owner of the other surrounding land at the time was Evan Harding of Daybreak Nursery. I bet, since Nevada Hitchcock was associated with it, that it was an offshoot of the Garden club…but for birds and plantings that attracted birds.It was well overgrown and only the rock with a plaque remained when I first discovered it as a small child. I haven’t thought about it in years.