M.E. Fulco: With Inklings, Future Of Journalism Is Bright

Megyn Kelly has been all over the news this year.

But the other day, the Fox News journalist/Donald Trump foil shared center stage with Mary Elizabeth Fulco.

Kelly was keynote speaker at the Waldorf Astoria, where the Deadline Club — the New York City chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists — held its annual awards ceremony. Among the honorees — and a featured speaker — was Fulco.

The journalism teacher/Inklings newspaper adviser — and first-ever honoree from Connecticut — wowed the crowd.

She began by describing teaching high school journalism in 2 words: “It’s hard.”

But her joy in working with “the most curious, intelligent and diligent” students was palpable.

Mary Elizabeth Fulco, with her award.

Mary Elizabeth Fulco, with her award.

She used their own words. Journalism, her editors say, teaches “confidence and independence in a world awash in insecurity and dependence. It allows us to contribute to our community in a meaningful way, and amplifies our voices in our school and nation.”

Fulco noted that Inklings‘ December issue included a front-page story on sexual consent. Though superintendent of schools Dr. Elliott Landon fielded complaints, he “protected the story, and our paper,” Fulco said.

As a result of the piece, school librarians organized a panel on the subject. Colleagues told Fulco they’d thought about consent in a new way. And a student whose sister was sexually assaulted thanked her and the staff for printing it.


Calling Inklings a paper with “real stories and real truths,” Fulco thanked Landon and Staples administrators for their unwavering support. “This is a genuine newspaper,” she said. “Not high school propaganda.”

The honoree closed by praising her students as “talented, passionate, driven, inquisitive, honorable and accomplished.” Thanks to them, she said, “the future of journalism looks very bright.”

To read Inklings online, click here. To hear Fulco’s full speech, click below:

2 responses to “M.E. Fulco: With Inklings, Future Of Journalism Is Bright

  1. Carolanne Curry

    Dan, You’ve captured this event so beautifully.

    On one scale, her contribution is “impossible to measure”. And yet we know the gift of her teaching has been accepted,treasured, and skillfully utilized by so many. What makes you feel good about Westport is its very human scale.

    Carolanne Curry 203-227-3573


  2. John Patterson

    One of many shining examples of greatness in the High School. My kids rave about Mr. M the music teacher, David Roth and his amazing Staples Players Productions, Mr. Wexler who made math accessible! Staples is a remarkable school. Dan Woog – you are also a Patterson family favorite! My wife has mentioned your significant lifetime contributions to young people in this town.


    John Patterson