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Hey! That’s Me!

I thought I was done posting photos of past Memorial Day parades. Yesterday’s images (click here and here) covered 50 years, and provided tons of memories.

But this one — particularly the back story — is too good to pass up.

Three years ago Gordon Joseloff saw a box of 35mm slides for sale on eBay. They were labeled “1962 parade in Westport.”

The WestportNow founder — and former 1st selectman — calls himself “a sucker for Westport nostalgia.” He bid $9.99, and won. The prize: Nice shots of the Memorial Day parade.

Imagine his amazement when one of the slides was of Joseloff himself. There he was — 17 years old, smack in the center of the frame.

My beautiful picture

Still in high school, Joseloff was taking pictures for the Westport Town Crier. He worked that summer — and the next — as a reporter/photographer. (And went on to a storied 2-decade career as a journalist in London, Moscow, Tokyo and other world capitals for UPI and CBS News.)

Perhaps the only thing more remarkable than that story of discovering himself in a photo, is the line of veterans (or perhaps active duty National Guardsmen) behind Joseloff. In 1962, they seemed to go on forever.

Save Those 1st Selectman Proclamations. They’ll Be Worth Something Someday.

Everybody has his price.

Gordon Joseloff’s is $9.50.

That’s what the winning bidder (out of 3) paid for a recent authentic autograph recently, on eBay. (Plus $4.30 shipping.)

This was not on an official document, signed when he was 1st Selectman (or, before that, RTM moderator). It had nothing to do with WestportNow, his popular town news site, which is online (so there’s of course nothing to sign).

No — Joseloff’s auctioned signature was on a 1979 letter he sent, on official CBS News letterhead, while serving as Moscow bureau chief. Mr. Henry J. Lohrengel of Kansas City apparently mailed Joseloff some photos; this letter was a polite thank-you in reply.

Gordon Joseloff letter

There’s no word on why the letter was saved, or how it ended up in Worcester, Massachusetts, with the current owner. Or, for that matter, why he (or she) decided to put it up for bid now.

That $9.50 bid may sound low. (Another political leader, George Washington, fetched $9.8 million, at Sotheby’s.)

On the other hand, a postcard signed by H. V. Kaltenborn — a very famous radio commentator (like the Chicago Tribune, he called Dewey the presidential winner in 1948 over Truman) — is currently being auctioned on eBay.

It’s drawn just 1 bid.

For 99 cents.

Remember The Reverbs?

Plenty of Westporters remember the Remains. Their lead singer and keyboardist were from Westport. They toured with the Beatles. They were on track to be America’s best rock ‘n’ roll band — until they broke up.

Not many Westporters — perhaps none? — remember the Reverbs. I’m pretty good with local rock trivia, but I’ve never heard of these guys.

The Reverbs’ guitarists were Larry Didona, Ken Josselyn and Bob Erisman. Fred Erisman was on drums; Gerry Lenore sang lead.

Apparently they cut a record — a big deal in those days — in November 1965. Like many local groups, they were a cover band. Among the songs: “Twist and Shout,” “Hang on Sloopy,” “Get Off My Cloud,” “Money,” and (of course) “Louie Louie.”


The only way I know of the Reverbs is because alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens sent me a link to eBay.

“The Reverbs Chalk-Up” album is still available — but act now! Bidding ends on Tuesday at 9:10 p.m.

Last I saw, the highest bid — of 2 — was $10.50.

I’m sure there’s at least one Reverbs fan here who can top that.

Hurry! This eBay Offer Won’t Last Forever!

You can get anything you need for your life on eBay.

For death, too.

Right now, for example, you can bid on a Willowbrook  cemetery mausoleum. It fits “two (2) caskets and one (1) urn” comfortably.

The Willowbrook mausoleum.

The Willowbrook mausoleum.

The starting bid is just $2,900.  Thanks to PayPal, 12 months financing is available.

The sellor (loulou0605) has 100% positive feedback.

But that’s not all! There’s “free local pickup”!

The auction ends Wednesday, at 10:25 a.m. So act now.

This offer will expire before you do.

(Here’s the direct eBay link to this mausoleum offer.)

Putting A Stamp On Westport

To honor Westport’s 175th anniversary — or, more likely, in just a coincidence — someone is selling a “centenary poster stamp” on eBay.

The stamp — it’s unclear what it was actually used for — was issued in 1935.  That year, it honored the 100th anniversary of the founding of Westport as an official town.

The listing gives few details beyond:

Vintage vignette commemorating the town’s incorporation in 1835.  Approximate size: 40mm x 24mm.  Mint never hinged.

It’s not exactly the Upside Down Jenny stamp.  As of Saturday morning — with less than 2 days remaining in the sale — it drew a high bid of a whopping $7.50.

The Things You Find On eBay

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

And, apparently, eBay.

A listing this morning offers “2 big reels” of “vintage 8 mm 1960s home movies” of Westport.

The description says:

See the town of Westport, Connecticut as it was nearly 50 years ago!  Lots of great shots, including the Remarkable Book Store, Main Street, the YMCA, library, Compo Beach, country clubs, sailing, and more!  2 large 7-inch reels, full, about 400 feet each or 45 minutes in total.  Lots of country scenes, old stores, farms, etc.

This film was shot by an amateur but someone who clearly made a hobby of shooting home movie film.  Shots are clear and steady.

A fine step back in time…

As of 11 a.m. today, there had been one bid — for $49.99.  The offering had been viewed 23 times.

Interested?  Click here!

Want to bid on the 8 mm movies of Westport? You better have an 8 mm projector!