The Things You Find On eBay

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

And, apparently, eBay.

A listing this morning offers “2 big reels” of “vintage 8 mm 1960s home movies” of Westport.

The description says:

See the town of Westport, Connecticut as it was nearly 50 years ago!  Lots of great shots, including the Remarkable Book Store, Main Street, the YMCA, library, Compo Beach, country clubs, sailing, and more!  2 large 7-inch reels, full, about 400 feet each or 45 minutes in total.  Lots of country scenes, old stores, farms, etc.

This film was shot by an amateur but someone who clearly made a hobby of shooting home movie film.  Shots are clear and steady.

A fine step back in time…

As of 11 a.m. today, there had been one bid — for $49.99.  The offering had been viewed 23 times.

Interested?  Click here!

Want to bid on the 8 mm movies of Westport? You better have an 8 mm projector!

4 responses to “The Things You Find On eBay

  1. Seems something that the Westport Historical Society would want – or should want.

  2. I have the projector!

  3. Dan: Would this be a resouce for the Longshore 50 production people?

  4. Lawrence Zlatkin

    i missed this and would have been delighted to purchase and contribute it to the WHS. if anyone finds out who acquired these reels, and you want me to digitize them into quicktime or an mp4 for the WHS and general use, let me know.