Hey! That’s Me!

I thought I was done posting photos of past Memorial Day parades. Yesterday’s images (click here and here) covered 50 years, and provided tons of memories.

But this one — particularly the back story — is too good to pass up.

Three years ago Gordon Joseloff saw a box of 35mm slides for sale on eBay. They were labeled “1962 parade in Westport.”

The WestportNow founder — and former 1st selectman — calls himself “a sucker for Westport nostalgia.” He bid $9.99, and won. The prize: Nice shots of the Memorial Day parade.

Imagine his amazement when one of the slides was of Joseloff himself. There he was — 17 years old, smack in the center of the frame.

My beautiful picture

Still in high school, Joseloff was taking pictures for the Westport Town Crier. He worked that summer — and the next — as a reporter/photographer. (And went on to a storied 2-decade career as a journalist in London, Moscow, Tokyo and other world capitals for UPI and CBS News.)

Perhaps the only thing more remarkable than that story of discovering himself in a photo, is the line of veterans (or perhaps active duty National Guardsmen) behind Joseloff. In 1962, they seemed to go on forever.

5 responses to “Hey! That’s Me!

  1. Gordon, what a wonderful treasure for you to have discovered! Dan, thanks for sharing this slice of our Westport Past, especially on this particular weekend, where we all should remember it’s about more than just the beach and the patio bar. This photo is a gentle reminder of that truth…

  2. I hope he will share more photos it is wonderful to catch glimpses of the
    town as it was esp during the parade
    So much has changed since moving
    here in 1975.

  3. Jo Ann Davidson

    Those soldiers may have been the guys stationed at the Nike Base. Our family always admired the way the “real” soldiers marched, smartly and right in step.

  4. Gordon hasn’t changed a bit. Same khakis, too.

  5. Ann Marie Flynn

    Holy cow! What a great discovery. The Picture Parade over the past days
    And the input about them has been so cool…and the years that are covered is awesome. Easier for us to remember the history of this great town then reading about it…and very enjoyable.