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Pic Of The Day #1375

Downtown by drone (Photo/John Videler for Videler Photography)

Pic Of The Day #981

Downtown Westport, by drone (Photo/John Videler for VIdeler Photography)

Pic Of The Day #935

Downtown: The view from Ludlow Road (Photo/Chip Stephens)

Pic Of The Day #778

Chilling downtown (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

Why We Love Westport

It’s been a great summer, weather-wise.  Weekend after weekend — and most 🙂  weekdays too — Mother Nature has hooked us up.

Our always-beautiful town has, in many ways, never looked better.  Say what you will about the ills that buffet Westport, and the country; this has been a kick-ass summer.

Before it gets away, we should reflect on a few familiar summer scenes.  And think, for a moment, how lucky we are to have them.

Sure, it's a downtown business district, with chain stores up the wazoo. But a few steps away flows a fine little river. And there are plenty of places to watch it go by.

The inlet leading to -- and, when the tide turns, from -- Sherwood Mill Pond is one of Westport's hidden wonders. The wooden bridge leading to Compo Cove is a special place to see (and span) it.

The stretch of land at the end of Compo Beach is called Schlaet's Point. Countless bikers, joggers, walkers and slowing drivers know it as one of the prettiest spots in town. This summer, for the first time in memory, it's even attracted swimmers.

There's nothing like a sunset on Compo's South Beach. Though a moonrise there is pretty cool too.

Every day at the beach is not, well, a day at the beach. But even storm clouds can be beautiful.