Pics Of The Day #2180

This morning’s early morning fog at Burying Hill Beach and Sherwood Island, captured by Lucy Zeko:

(Photos/Lucy Zeko)

9 responses to “Pics Of The Day #2180

  1. Beautiful

  2. Fantastic pictures

  3. These are intriguing. Fog and mist work the imagination. I like the first view because it has some red-orange which goes nicely with fog. I like the photo with the rock in the foreground. The rock looks like a large cat with big ears, getting ready to pounce. That picture is an especially good composition. I like them all.

  4. I feel like I just read a book of poetry~ wow, thank you

  5. Andrew Colabella

    Mysterious and eerie, love it.

  6. Patricia McMahon

    The fog and mist really tells a different story of familiar landscapes.
    Hauntingly desolate & enchanting!
    Well done Lucy⭐️

  7. Now these are pictures that have a real natural beauty and not that AI fake stuff trying to be real. Let’s stay real.

  8. Gloria Gouveia


  9. Ethereal!

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