Pic Of The Day #1571

Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge downtown. Time to dredge the Saugatuck River? (Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1571

  1. Yes it is time to dredge. Overdue actually. I think the last time was when I-95 was constructed in this area and the river was mined/dredged for gravel. I may be wrong but I thought the permitting process was begun like 15 years ago. And then I never heard anything more about it??

  2. Jay Tormey"66

    June’s picture is of the north side of the bridge. It will be very difficult to get a dredge on the north side. The south side is where the dredging needs to take place from the bridge to the mouth of the river.

  3. Robbie Guimond

    I believe Mid 70’s the last maintenance dredging in selective areas. Many years later the Army Corp was considering another maintenance project but asked the town to cover some expenses which was declined by the administration for some reason (Maybe someone can confirm).
    Sadly once Gault pulled the barge delivery’s this river no longer was considered a commercial waterway and fell off the priority list making the Farrel decision even more devastating. I broached the topic with Chris Murphy a few weeks ago and was polity snubbed. That said Jim Marpe WAS pushing him on the topic (Good Job Jim) …. I think we are going to be on our own to fund this.

  4. Robert Giunta

    Last year the army corps of engineers did a complete survey from the start of the channel to the post rd bridge . After a long survey no one can answer when they will dredge . The main problem lack of funding so it’s stopped until the funds are available,
    Robert Giunta


    A most important need.

  6. Donald Bergmann

    This is a project long overdue. Sar Harris, Operations Director for Jim Marpe, has been spear heading the effort. It involves many Administrative bodies, many steps and of course money, mostly from Federal and possibly State stories. Sara knows all the facts. Knowing the scope, I have recommended that Jim Marpe give Sara help through some outside expertise. I continue to believe that is desirable and would be money well spent.
    The dredging effort is sure to be a matter to be discussed and committed to in the course of the upcoming First Selectperson campaign. I have already heard Jonathan Steinberg speak forcefully in support of the effort, i think it is part of Jonathan’s overall thrust to improve Parker Harding and the beauty of that area of Downtown, including addressing other possible dramatic improvements such as the “rear” sides of the businesses on Main Street and a pedestrian bridge across our river. RTC Candidate Jen Tooker has not, I think, yet spoken on the issues of the dredging of the Saugauck and Parker Harding. I am confident Jen and her running mate, Andrea Moore, will do just that. A question for the voters, e.g. me, will be which of the tickets, Jen and Andrea or Jonathan and Candice Savin, will get the jobs done. To me, accomplishments, the ability to motivate and achieve goals, is the most important issue confronting the voters of Westport when we all go to the polls this November.
    Don Bergmann

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Dredge the River and make it more nautically friendly it’s time.

    I would LOVE to see boats hanging out on the river listening to music of the Levitt Pavillon. And while we’re at it, test the piles of material dredged from the river. It will tell us everything we need to know environmentally about our town and give us another chance to be proactive in protecting our wildlife.