Sheryl Crow Set For Levitt Fundraiser

The Levitt Pavilion has hosted a ton of great fundraisers.

Willie Nelson, John Fogerty, Smokey Robinson, Frankie Valli, Buckwheat Zydeco, Chuck Berry — they and many others performed at ticketed events, so that we can enjoy over 50 nights of free shows each year.

But where are the women?

This is their summer. Last month, Darlene Love wowed a sell-out crowd.

On October 8, it’s Sheryl Crow’s turn.

She needs no introduction. But here’s one anyway.

Her first 9 albums have sold 35 million copies. Seven hit the Top 10; 5 were multi-platinum. Her 40 Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary and Hot Country hits include “All I Wanna Do,” “Soak Up the Sun” and “The First Cut Is the Deepest.”

Sheryl Crow

For her current album, “Threads,” Crow collaborated with musical heroes like Stevie Nicks, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Chuck D, Joe Walsh, Kris Kristoffersson, even the late Johnny Cash.

Crow is known for her charitable support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, World Food Program, Feeding America, Adopt a Classroom, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, MusiCares, and the Delta Children’s Home.

Levitt Pavilion member pre-sales start tomorrow (Saturday, August 7) at noon. Tickets are available to the public on Monday, August 9 at noon. Click here for more information, and tickets (when they are available).

9 responses to “Sheryl Crow Set For Levitt Fundraiser

  1. MIchelle Stowe

    Pat Benatar and Our Native Daughters headlined fundraising shows at the Levitt in 2019. Melissa Etheridge in 2018. I could go on, but there’s a long history of top notch female talent headlining shows at the Levitt. Do better Dan, especially when talking about a town jewel like the Levitt Pavilion.

  2. I will fall on my sword. What an awful mistake. I am an idiot. Can you ever forgive me?

  3. Michelle Stowe

    I would hope that rather than fail to research (or worse, omit) facts that fit the lazy narrative you chose, you’d report on the fact that the last THREE galas at the Levitt, including this years, highlighted female performers. But instead you chose to misrepresent the Levitt’s track record, shame on you.

    But no worries, your response says it all. Try to deflect more with sarcasm. It’s a great look for a journalist.

  4. Michelle Stowe

    I think that you do a great job 99% of the time, but where you fall short, if you get called out, own up to it.

    You strongly implied the Levitt does not give women presenters the same showcasing as male performers. “Where are the women?” Well Dan, they’ve been center stage right here in Westport as the gala performers for each of the past 3 years the Levitt has operated.


    • Michael Isaacs

      How about clamming up now. You could have simply (and gracefully) pointed out that women have headlined the Levitt in the past. Instead you angrily scolded the host here like a child. Maybe look in the mirror more often.

    • Jesus Christ, Ms. Stowe; lighten up! He made a mistake and wanted to say more than just “sorry.” WTF do you get out of chastising the man for his apology?

  5. Michelle Stowe

    The misogyny is strong here I see. Well, that’s what you get for jumping into the comments section in the swamp that is the internet. Ciao!

  6. Roy Finklebean

    Michelle if this is the biggest problem in your life, it must be nice. There is much other things to worry about in town than this. You think this is bad? Go on the other local “press” pages in this town written by a self opinionated journalist.