Unsung Hero #178

There are not a lot of car mechanics left in Westport.

Fortunately, the few who are left are great. “06880” has already hailed Vautrin Auto Service and J&J Car Care as Unsung Heroes.

This time it’s Tim Purcell of Christie’s Service, the longtime, throwback shop on Cross Highway.

Tim is so old school, he doesn’t have a website. He spends all his time instead serving grateful customers.

Christie’s 2-bay service station on Cross Highway, next to Christie’s store.

Jennifer Zorek-Pressman is one. She writes:

“I just had another wonderful experience with Tim Purcell at Christie’s. He is always helpful and caring when we have car issues.

While I was waiting for him to look at my broken light, he was on the phone  with what seemed like an older customer. She had received a letter about her car and wanted to bring to in, but it appeared to be a dealer recall.

“She was nervous about the weather, and wanted to make sure there was no scam. Tim offered to check out the letter — and take the car into the dealer for her. He was so kind and reassuring. We need more of that!”

That was one small example of Tim’s care and concern. There are many others. For example, Jennifer adds, “The other day, Tim helped remove all the snow from my car. He always looks out for all of us. He and his team always goes the extra mile.”

Tim owns the deli/market next door. Like his auto repair, it’s named for Christie Masiello. Tim worked hard to get a new tenant after Chef’s Table. He’s excited to welcome The Porch at Christie’s.

So this spring — or any time after — after you’re enjoyed lunch, baked goods or ice cream, wander over and say hi to Tim.

You never know when you’ll need him. But when you do, this week’s Unsung Hero always be there for you.

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18 responses to “Unsung Hero #178

  1. Tim and his team are beyond the best, especially during a time when when people need to help and take care of each other. I could enumerate many ways in which Tim adds so much to our community, especially with so many new families coming to Westport and becoming part of the Westport family, but it is best to visit Christie’s, say hello to Tim. Can’t wait for his new deli/cafe. Just makes you feel good!

  2. Tim is the best. He came to our wedding. When Suzanne and I were both looking to buy a new car, Tim told us to buy a Honda or a Toyota. He said if we bought anything else he would basically disown us. So we both bought a Honda and as Tim predicted, we haven’t been in need of his help in a long, long time. Tim is not just a good friend, he is a great friend.

    • The only bad thing about our Tesla is that we don’t get to see Tim very much!
      He’s the best.

  3. Tim is one of the great angels of the car business in this area.. He and his wife were invited to our wedding in 2005 and we just love the care and professionalism that he displays every day to everyone in every way that makes such a difference in a world that is not always kind or good

  4. Tim & his crew are fantastic – honest & efficient. It has been a pleasure getting to know him over the years. Wishing the new Front Porch much success – can’t wait to visit!

  5. Tim has always been our go-to guy for any car troubles!

  6. In a prior career, I was a parts manager for one of the major automotive manufacturers. Tim was at a different shop, but when he ordered a part, he knew what he was diagnosing and rarely if ever returned parts because of an incorrect diagnosis. Other shops would order parts guessing at a solution, and of course returning them when they were wrong. Tim’s right about Toyotas and Hondas, you’ll only get 200,000 to 300,000 miles out of ’em. 🙂

  7. Tessa Bachmann

    I whole heartedly agree that Tim is an unsung hero. If I could carry a tune I would be singing about him! He is trustworthy, kindhearted, and all around decent person. All the guys working there are terrific. Your feel like you are really part of a community. We are lucky to have him here.

  8. Robbie Guimond

    Tim was a huge help with our beloved 1979 Toyota land cruiser, we had some charging issues and the import shop on riverside wanted nothing to do with it . Tim was fair when declaring this model was a electrical “problem child” but he found the issue fixed it and we are very very grateful. Thx Tim

  9. Tim is the best!! What a great guy too.

  10. Tim is an amazing auto mechanic. He is always extremely helpful and friendly.

  11. Roseann Spengler

    Look forward the visiting and supporting The Porch at Christie’s. When does it open?

  12. Martha Diamant

    Above article and comments are so true and real of Tim Purcell. With “old school” upbringing he is a such a natural and “one of a kind” – kind of guy…in my book.. Westport, Weston and surrounding towns need more of this old-fashioned goodness in our lives.
    Hence, we should all support the new PORCH opening this spring, on Coleytown Road – to keep our touch with the old-fashioned reality..

  13. Big love and endorsement for Tim (and John and his Christie’s crew.)
    Christies has been our “go to” for years and years.
    So happy to see Tim is appreciated and bring recognized by so many.

  14. Carl Addison Swanson

    What a group of great people. Tim and John are the best people you could ever meet. I call them “Old Westport” for they are polite, friendly and do a good job. Tim worked on my father’s car when he worked for Shell on the Post Road, many decades past. And don’t forget BeBe, the station mascot, who my wife walks 2 miles every day.

  15. Happy to join those praising Tim for both his kindness and his auto mechanic talents. Plus, he’s a Purcell – a solid Westport family. And he keeps Christies going – bravo.

  16. Tim leant me an expensive piece of equipment. No paperwork. Didn’t even ask my name. Assumed I’d return it. Made me want to be a better person too!!