Unsung Heroes #134

Alert — and grateful — “06880” reader Susan Ross writes:

My unsung heros are the guys at J & J Auto. They are simply the nicest people in Westport.

They have given us years of honest kindness and helpful assistance.

They say with a smile, “don’t worry about coming in all the time so we can add air to your tires. Lots of people do!“

Once I phoned them from a college tour road trip. Our car was making noise. The local garage insisted we needed a new transmission pronto before getting on the road, or our family wouldn’t be safe.

J & J told us it sounded okay to drive home. When we got back they checked it out. Only a minor tweak was needed.

J & J Car Care on Post Road East. It’s between ASF and Pane e Bene.

Another time my son slammed the garage door, crushing my license plate. They hammered it out, reattached it in the pouring rain. They charged nothing, because “things happen.”

Now they are keeping bees behind the garage, and jars of delicious warm honey under the desk. That’s a story in itself.

(J & J Car Care Center is at 1590 Post Road East, across from the Westport Inn. To nominate an Unsung Hero, email dwoog@optonline.net)

24 responses to “Unsung Heroes #134

  1. Wow, I thought we were the only ones receiving all that extra attention!
    Kudos to Jay, John and Charlie

  2. Michelle Scher Saunders

    Really nice story. I would love to know the name of the garage who recommended replacing the transmission so we know to stay away and not patronize them.

  3. Susan and Dan – Thanks for reminding us to be grateful for John, Jay and Charlie have been helping my family for years, through a bunch of cars… great guys, great service. The kind of place Westport used to be known for, and we’re grateful they’re still there.

  4. Peter R Powell

    I agree with all of the accolades. we’ve been using them since the 80s and we are utterly dependent upon J&J

  5. From my father to my children, my whole family has used J&J for decades. Besides doing excellent work on every car, they’re the nicest people. They care as much about me personally (as I do for them) as fixing or servicing one of my old cars. Without them, I’m sure I wouldn’t be driving my 1996 Jaguar. I’m always happy to see Charlie too. He’s a fine mechanic, a gentleman and the nicest guy. When I go there I feel as if I’m visiting friends, something that doesn’t happen often enough these days.

  6. Add our family to the list of forever-fans of Jay, John and Charlie. They’re our heros for sure. Years ago, no one on the planet was willing to get anywhere near our 1991 BMW 3 series with its strange/rare all wheel drive system. But J&J waded in and, thanks to them, our beloved friend is still running perfectly! Beyond that, who else can you count on to weigh in on the latest in honeybee technology or share a laugh about whatever is going on in the world? J&J is like an automotive version of Cheers.

  7. I want to echo the accolades for John, Jay, and Charlie. They are the best. I have a 1964 Tbird that wouldn’t start in my garage. John came by several times until he had the right fix. They keep it running like new. I still have them in my Iphone under Westport Getty when they were near the Playhouse. They are the best!

  8. Jo Shields Sherman

    I too still have J &J in my iPhone contacts under “Getty.” They are among the most helpful, kind, and honest people I have the privilege to know. My husband Alden and I often popped by, even if we didn’t have any klunks, bangs, shimmies, whinings, or “driver misbehaving” lights to discuss and fix. They always made us feel at home and warmly welcomed. When they moved from the downtown Getty, Alden presented them with the biggest, oldest, most impressive-looking wooden-handled wrench you’d ever want to see — as a “garage warming” present. Still there, it’s hanging above John’s desk, and along with it, came the sentiment that we hoped our cars wouldn’t be the monkey wrenches in their day (too often). It was with well-deserved faith that we trusted that we, and our cars, were always safe in their care.

  9. Virginia Baxter

    John, Jay and Charlie are FANTASTIC~they know what they are doing and are honest and generous….and the local honey is great too!!

  10. Ditto to all of the above in accolades. We have used them for years and have never been given anything but the best and most honest service at all times. Just a couple of weeks ago, while I waited for Charley to fix my tire, I sat int the office with another client and just chatted with Jay and John. All we needed was the potbelly stove!! And learned a whole lot about bees. And the honey is delicious! Such a gift we have.

  11. I do not know what can be said to add to that which already has been, but John, Jay, and Charlie simply are the best! They can fix anything. They have served me well since I was first introduced to them when they solved an automotive issue that had perplexed others. They always have been able put my mind at ease when I have an automotive issue by their very thorough explanation of what the problem is likely to be. They are simply the best!

  12. J&J are the best! Kudos to Jay John and Charlie

  13. J and J are the kindest, nicest and best car guys I’ve ever met! They take excellent care of my car, and me. They’re reasonable, fast and indeed, have some great local honey .

  14. Mary Schmerker

    Any business that has Bee Hives and warm honey under their desks has my vote of confidence.

  15. Wow! Unanimous reviews. I wish I had known about J&J when I lived there. Maybe I should come back – if my car can make it..

  16. Dick Lowenstein

    It all began a long time ago, when my wife’s car stalled in the Saugatuck Congregational Church’s parking lot. Right next door was J&J car service and what ever the problem was, they fixed it. Many years later and after many cars, we’re still going there, though now the shop is more conveniently located on our side of town. Here’s one question I have never asked: Is it John and Jay or Jay and John?

    • Michael Calise

      My story is the same but, a bit more colorful. The Drive Shaft to my beloved Jeep dropped out right in front of the Getty station. It turned out to be the best vehicle failure I have ever had!!!!

  17. Another “thumbs-up” for the J&J guys!

  18. Add Pat and me to the list of folks who have been very well served by John Jay and Charlie for years. They are the best!

  19. Jay, John and Charlie are part of the “good guys” of Westport. I consider them friends that you enjoy just by being in their presence.

  20. Us too, we love Jay, John, and Charlie. Always helpful, honest advice through my family’s many cars and woes. Since they were”Getty” my mom, brother and we go to them. Our daughter still brings her car to them from another state. The car advice and repairs are accompanied by cheerfulness, talk about the families, the comings and departures. A bit of therapy over the considerations too: Will the car get us the 300 miles safely? These men fix cars well, much more than that, they are treasures in this community, trusted, and good neighbors. Perfect recipe to keep customers loyal!

  21. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Since people are still commenting, are there any Downshifters or any one else reading this who might know…. Could this be the location of the C & F Texaco Station from the 1960’s? ( Corky & Freddy / Cookman and Fable)

  22. Jay and John have taken THE VERY BEST CARE of our cars for many years, and Charlie, who works with them is also a prize. Their knowledge, service, accommodation, caring, honesty, AND great sense of humor makes J&J a great experience! Just today Jay drove me to Village Bagel, took my car to be serviced, and picked me up when he was finished.
    Hometown Perfection!!!❤️🐩❤️

  23. Me too to all the above. They even talk to my little dog Eddie and yes the honey is great .