Unsung Heroes #82

Not long ago, Horacio Ballesteros had a rapidly deflating tire.

The Staples High School Spanish teacher was on his way to work. He got off I-95, looking for a place that would patch it.

Slowly, he drove to garages and auto repair shops. First in Bridgeport, then Fairfield: nothing.

The places that were open didn’t do it. The places that did, were not open.

Finally, in Westport, he struck gold. Vautrin Auto Service — next to Goodwill — does not officially open until 7:30. But they were happy to help.

Horacio limped in at 7:05 a.m. By 7:30 he was at Staples — ready for his first class.

Hmmm….first class. What a coincidence! That’s exactly how every Westporter who has had the pleasure of being helped at Vautrin would describe this week’s Unsung Heroes, too.

Vautrin Auto Service works magic on many cars. This is not Horacio Ballesteros’.



8 responses to “Unsung Heroes #82

  1. They’re the best.

  2. Been away for 7 years. Still remember the help and kindness.

  3. They are the best. We’ve used Vautrin for years and always been pleased with everything from the greeting at the front desk to the work done on our cars. Greg is reliable in every way and is an expert at his craft. The car in your post is our 1931 Model A Ford and Greg didn’t hesitate when we drove onto the lot.

  4. They ARE the best. I think the three things I miss most after moving away from Westport are the beach, Trader Joe’s and Vautrin Auto — not necessarily in that order!

  5. Greg Bernfeld Vautrin Auto Svs the owner, is honest, talented mechanic who owns Vautrin is a gem. I’ve been a Cient of Greg since day one when he opened and can’t say enough about his conscientious service. With Denise at the reception desk and always giving their best customer service, another WESTPORT gift ❗️👏🏼

  6. Awesome team at Vautrin!

  7. Vautrin is the best. Greg is so skillful, honest and kind.

  8. I took my BMW and Jaguar to them for years. They did the best work and incredibly fair priced! Greg and Paul-Good Job!

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