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Pic Of The Day #1494

Vintage car, vintage gas station (Photo/Fred Cantor)

Unsung Hero #178

There are not a lot of car mechanics left in Westport.

Fortunately, the few who are left are great. “06880” has already hailed Vautrin Auto Service and J&J Car Care as Unsung Heroes.

This time it’s Tim Purcell of Christie’s Service, the longtime, throwback shop on Cross Highway.

Tim is so old school, he doesn’t have a website. He spends all his time instead serving grateful customers.

Christie’s 2-bay service station on Cross Highway, next to Christie’s store.

Jennifer Zorek-Pressman is one. She writes:

“I just had another wonderful experience with Tim Purcell at Christie’s. He is always helpful and caring when we have car issues.

While I was waiting for him to look at my broken light, he was on the phone  with what seemed like an older customer. She had received a letter about her car and wanted to bring to in, but it appeared to be a dealer recall.

“She was nervous about the weather, and wanted to make sure there was no scam. Tim offered to check out the letter — and take the car into the dealer for her. He was so kind and reassuring. We need more of that!”

That was one small example of Tim’s care and concern. There are many others. For example, Jennifer adds, “The other day, Tim helped remove all the snow from my car. He always looks out for all of us. He and his team always goes the extra mile.”

Tim owns the deli/market next door. Like his auto repair, it’s named for Christie Masiello. Tim worked hard to get a new tenant after Chef’s Table. He’s excited to welcome The Porch at Christie’s.

So this spring — or any time after — after you’re enjoyed lunch, baked goods or ice cream, wander over and say hi to Tim.

You never know when you’ll need him. But when you do, this week’s Unsung Hero always be there for you.

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