Pics Of The Day #1392

Built over 100 years ago, 44 Compo Cove has survived the Spanish flu, COVID and stormy weather. It’s challenged now by stronger storms, sea rise and other changes.

Schlaet’s Point, in today’s snow

Another view of Schlaet’s Point

The Hillspoint Road jetty

Compo Beach neighbors (Photos/Betsy P. Kahn)

3 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1392

  1. I am so-o-o-o-o- envious of You People Back East, with your magnificent and gorgeous snow falls. Here in Portland, Oregon if the temperature causes slush to freeze on the streets they declare an emergency as drivers go slip-sliding all over the place.

  2. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    I’ve (Always) Loved this house at 44 Compo Cove!.:-)
    (So peaceful -be it winter or summer-)

    These are Beautiful photos!

  3. Thank you Linda! Yesterday was a photographer’s dream✨✨✨✨