Snowy Super Bowl Sunday: Final Edition

Longshore entrance (Photo/Danielle Dobin)

Sherwood Mill Pond

Hillspoint Road/Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Compo Beach benches (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Long Island Sound (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Compo jetty (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

7 responses to “Snowy Super Bowl Sunday: Final Edition

  1. Brian Joseph Taylor

    Great photo,s

  2. these pictures are phenomenal. despite 75′ weather here in Florida they almost (but not quite) make me miss Westport tonight. Comparing the artistry of these photo with the dreck passing as halftime music makes me proud that the town was my home for so many years.

  3. Vanessa Bradford

    Thank you for the beautiful pics. My old stomping grounds and as wonderful as ever!

  4. Sheila Langston

    Dark and ominous, colorful and explorative, this world but out of this world. The jetty photo, is amazing. Thank you Andrew! Always admired your photos for years!

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Just … WOW!

  6. Peggy O’Halloran

    Stunning photos!

  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks all.