Photo Challenge #311

We usually think of the Saugatuck River as flowing from downtown to Long Island Sound.

But though it’s more hidden, the waterway makes its mark on Westport much further north.

One of the prettiest spots is just before the Willows medical complex and Kings Highway North bridge. Dave Wilson captured a gorgeous image, complete with waterfall, rocks and dam. (Click here to see.) 

Michael Calise, Rich Stein, Andrew Colabella, Diane Silfen, Clark Thiemann, Lynn Untermeyer Miller and Eleanor Wilson — native or longtime Westporters all — identified last week’s Photo Challenge correctly.

There’s no public access. It’s tricky to navigate. But if you ever get a chance to experience this stretch of nature and beauty yourself — go!

This week’s challenge looks — at first glance — like the Longshore entrance.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

Of course, it’s not.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #311

  1. Sherwood Island

  2. Sherwood Island

  3. This looks like it would be an area in Sherwood Island right hand side when you enter the state park

  4. Sherwood Island

  5. Sure, it looks like Sherwood Island. But it’s not!

  6. Sherwood Island, Westport’s 4th best beach. 1. Compo 2. Burying Hill. 3. Old Mill. 4. Sherwood Island.

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Nayala Farms

  8. This is on Beachside Avenue were construction is being done on one of the properties

  9. Sherwood Island!

  10. Sherwood Island

  11. Brian Joseph Taylor

    Old baron,s property north compo road.

  12. Rich Stein: very impressive. It’s the entrance to Harvey Weinstein’s former house on Beachside Avenue, next to Burying Hill Beach. You know your town (and its infamous residents)!

  13. Harvey’s old place next to Burying hill

  14. Perhaps we can revert that reference to the Glendinning Estate. I seem to recall that John and Yoko had looked at it in the 70’s. If only…

  15. michael brennecke

    I think it’s Glendennings old property minus the house.