And Now We Pause For Techno Claus

Each year at this time we all gather ’round
“CBS Sunday Morning” — Techno Claus does expound
On gifts that delight, excite, awe and thrill
They are light-years away from mere run-of-the-mill.

For all these are tech-y, hip, neat and way cool
The kind of a present that makes us all drool
Like a special Zoom lamp and self-heating mouse
And a tiny Alexa for all parts of the house.

So why, you must ask, is Dan shilling this show
On his all-about-Westport “06880”?
Well, the great Techno Claus has gone North Pole rogue
In fact he looks just like our own David Pogue.

So wherever today’s special TV show reaches
From mountains to mesas, and cities to beaches
The whole USA sees ol’ Claus jogging down
The street that he lives on in our little town!

3 responses to “And Now We Pause For Techno Claus

  1. I saw this yesterday but didn’t recognize David Pogue. Great show with really fun ideas

  2. Sandra Johnson

    As always, enjoyed!! Hope all is well w you and all WP as we still try
    to survive this crazy virus!! On one note, I turned 86 yesterday — can’t
    believe it! Had a great day, and Rob “baked me a cake!” His BD is
    tomorrow, so more cake!!

  3. Barbara Sherburne '67

    I loved your poem, Dan, and, as always, I really enjoyed Techno Claus. I swear David Pogue never seems to age.