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And Now We Pause For Techno Claus

Each year at this time we all gather ’round
“CBS Sunday Morning” — Techno Claus does expound
On gifts that delight, excite, awe and thrill
They are light-years away from mere run-of-the-mill.

For all these are tech-y, hip, neat and way cool
The kind of a present that makes us all drool
Like a special Zoom lamp and self-heating mouse
And a tiny Alexa for all parts of the house.

So why, you must ask, is Dan shilling this show
On his all-about-Westport “06880”?
Well, the great Techno Claus has gone North Pole rogue
In fact he looks just like our own David Pogue.

So wherever today’s special TV show reaches
From mountains to mesas, and cities to beaches
The whole USA sees ol’ Claus jogging down
The street that he lives on in our little town!

Techno Claus Comes To Town. Wait — He Already Lives Here!

One of the highlights of the holiday season — far better than fruitcake, much less stressful than holiday parties — is Techno Claus.

That’s “CBS Sunday Morning”‘s annual present to viewers. “Santa” — who for some reason has a New York-ish accent — offers viewers a whimsically rhyming musical look into some of the season’s more intriguing high-ish tech items.

It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that Techno Claus is really David Pogue.

His clever patter and fun piano playing are no surprise. The nationally known tech writer/journalist/author/TV star majored in music at Yale, then spent his first 10 years after graduation working in New York, with a theatrical agency, and as a conductor and arranger on Broadway.

Pogue is also a longtime Westporter. Yesterday’s gift to viewers had a decidedly local flavor.

Nearly all of the scenes were filmed at his house: inside, in front and out back.

The only other locale was Granola Bar. That was for a segment on a reusable straw. Okay, it’s not exactly high tech — but it is important.

Click below to see Pogue’s Santa’s take on a speaker with scents; a spy camera for pets (it dispenses treats too); a keyboard for phones, and a wallet with tracker.

Ho ho ho!

Pogue In Vogue: St. Nick’s Tech-y Tricks

If you think being David Pogue is hard work, try being Pogue plus Santa Claus.

David "Techno Claus" Pogue

David “Techno Claus” Pogue

You’ve got to be a whiz-bang expert on every tech gadget. You’ve got to travel the world distributing the right gadgets to every (good) boy or girl.

And you’ve got to rhyme everything. Every year. On national TV.

Here’s how Westport’s resident tech expert/ Christmas icon started yesterday’s CBS “Sunday Morning” shtick:

You think you get stressed when you get on a flight?
Try my job: to fly the whole world in one night!
I got reindeer with rabies, and scrapes on the sleigh,
And that hurricane – hoo! Nearly blew me away!

But I do it. You know? For it’s all a good cause:
To spread joy via gadgets – that’s me, Techno Claus.

Now, this year, some folks are in financial jams,
So everything here’s below 100 clams.

Techno Claus went on to list 7 great gifts. Far more impressively, he rhymed “wealthier schmucks” with “70 bucks.”

Pogue’s poetry is particularly blog-worthy because the video was filmed entirely in Westport. Even Christie’s Country Store takes a star turn:

David "Techno Claus" Pogue at Christie's

Ho ho ho!

(Click here to see the entire CBS “Sunday Morning” video.)