Pogue In Vogue: St. Nick’s Tech-y Tricks

If you think being David Pogue is hard work, try being Pogue plus Santa Claus.

David "Techno Claus" Pogue

David “Techno Claus” Pogue

You’ve got to be a whiz-bang expert on every tech gadget. You’ve got to travel the world distributing the right gadgets to every (good) boy or girl.

And you’ve got to rhyme everything. Every year. On national TV.

Here’s how Westport’s resident tech expert/ Christmas icon started yesterday’s CBS “Sunday Morning” shtick:

You think you get stressed when you get on a flight?
Try my job: to fly the whole world in one night!
I got reindeer with rabies, and scrapes on the sleigh,
And that hurricane – hoo! Nearly blew me away!

But I do it. You know? For it’s all a good cause:
To spread joy via gadgets – that’s me, Techno Claus.

Now, this year, some folks are in financial jams,
So everything here’s below 100 clams.

Techno Claus went on to list 7 great gifts. Far more impressively, he rhymed “wealthier schmucks” with “70 bucks.”

Pogue’s poetry is particularly blog-worthy because the video was filmed entirely in Westport. Even Christie’s Country Store takes a star turn:

David "Techno Claus" Pogue at Christie's

Ho ho ho!

(Click here to see the entire CBS “Sunday Morning” video.)

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