Roundup: MoCA, Deliverers, Decorations, Brass Symphony, More

Yesterday’s weather was not exactly frightful. Just foggy, wet and miserable.

But MoCA Westport’s outdoor holiday open house was on.

Families enjoyed caroling by Staples’ Orphenians, performances by teen musicians and members of the Westport School of Music, kids’ crafts,admission to the World Peace exhibition, and complimentary hot chocolate.

It was — almost — beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

A small group of (socially distanced) Staples Orphenians.

This has been a tough year for everyone.

Particularly our FedEx, UPS, Amazon and other deliverypersons.

They’ve worked long hours since March. They’re monitored closely. They’re not paid particularly well.

A few Westporters are putting treats — baked goods, other munchies, soda, water and the like — on their front steps, with a note of thanks.

And don’t forget your mail carrier. They’ve been battered this year. An envelope with cash is always appreciated!

Andrew Colabella spotted this holiday house on Vani Court:

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Have you entered Westport Holiday House Decorating Contest?

Register first (click here). Then submit no more than 5 photos or videos of your decorations to by December 20. Prizes are awarded for the top 3 entrants.

Next Saturday (December 19), the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra’s Brass Quintet tootles downtown. They’ll be at the Bedford Square pick-up circle outside TecKnow and Barbour.

A bit of holiday normalcy, in an abnormal year!

I wrote about the Westport Woman’s Club’s gingerbread house fundraiser the other day (click here for details — it’s a great cause!).

Here’s a bit more: It would not have been possible without the help of 2 big chain stores. Michael’s provided a number of gingerbread kits at a great discount — and Trader Joe’s donated 10 more. That’s the holiday spirit!

A few of the Westport Woman’s Club’s gingerbread houses.

Tom Cook sends this photo. It shows a squirrel at Longshore enjoying Tom’s PB&J sandwich during his last round of golf for the year.

(Photo/Tom Cook)

And finally … Ted Nugent turns 72 today.


4 responses to “Roundup: MoCA, Deliverers, Decorations, Brass Symphony, More

  1. Dick Lowenstein

    And also don’t forget the folks who deliver our newspapers every day, rain or shine, in plastic bags.

    • Sorry, Dick. That’s an enormous waste of plastic, paper, gas and money. Read your papers online!

      • Dan, interesting reply to Dick. A quick perusal of your books on Amazon offer ZERO kindle versions? If I’d like to order any of your books thru Amazon, can I look forward to cardboard shipping method, bubble wrap, a printed invoice, gas being used for delivery all to provide you financial compensation or are you addressing that? Know what they say about pointing fingers? Dick, please continue to read in the method you prefer.

      • Dick Lowenstein

        I disagree, Dan. The pleasure of reading the paper (and I mean, on paper) outweighs the little screen-version. The online version is handy when I want to email a story to someone or save it an easy-to-find way.