Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids Pivots To Hand Sanitizer

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids is a successful childrens’ salon franchise. With over 70 locations in the US and overseas (61 more in development), they’ve revolutionized haircutting.

Kids sit in fun toy cars, watching cartoons or playing Xbox or Playstation on huge screens. There’s a private “Tween Lounge” too.

These days salons across the country are closed. But Sharkey’s is making a move that not only helps its business, but addresses a crucial issue: a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer.

And they’re doing it right here, from their Westport headquarters.

When Sharkey’s manufacturer of branded shampoos and lice products asked Scott Sharkey if he’d like to supply hand sanitizer to customers, the CEO was intrigued.

The manufacturer has been awarded contracts for a number of state governments and facilities. With 80% alcohol content, it far exceeds the quality of most products on shelves today. It’s manufactured in spray form, so it can also be used on grocery carts, door handles, automobile interiors, and to make alcohol wipes.

Sharkey’s charges below market price for an 80% alcohol-based product. It’s available to everyone on the company’s website, and usually ships within 24 hours. The sanitizer is also available for resale to supermarkets and businesses.

For Sharkey, distributing hand sanitizer is personal. Westport was one of the early hot spots for COVID-19. He’s seen the havoc it can cause.

In fact, he’s donating plenty of sanitizer to the Senior Center.

Sharkey hopes his 75 franchisees will help promote the sanitizer. They may not be cutting kids’ hair today —  but they’ll be doing their part to help the country through the current crisis, for tomorrow.

9 responses to “Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids Pivots To Hand Sanitizer

  1. Celeste Champagne

    Sharkey’s Hand Sanitizer already sold out! Will they be making more? Hope so.

  2. Sharkey’s had 48 ounces for something like $85 the other day. Now its down to $68.45. For reference, Walgreens, Walmart, etc are receiving shipments of hand sanitizers. I paid $3.99 for 60 ounces of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer Germ-x brand at Walmart the other week, which is a savings of almost $66 over Sharkey’s.

    • The Sharkey’s product is 80% alcohol so you cannot compare this to a 70% grade product. The higher the alcohol content the more expensive the product. It is also $6.95 per bottle, delivered. This grade of product sells in other stores between $6.95-$8.95 per bottle (You can always find a cheaper price somewhere with any product these days online.). Sharkey’s is not currently offering product below 80%? which is what you will find in many large retail stores. We prefer to manufacture the higher grade alcohol content product because the higher the alcohol content the more effective the product. This is what our manufacturers are sharing with us and only making at this time. We are just trying to share a product that was offered to us and help out people in need. We are being told that sanitizer over the next 3-6 months will be harder to find as stores and business open up and prices will be going much higher. Sharkey’s will do the best it can to continue to offer this product until such time as supply cannot meet demand.

      Thank you everyone and be safe…🦈

      • More alcohol does not mean better. 60-70% (depending on alcohol type) is sufficient. FYI I have not seen hand sanitizer prices increase at all. I stocked up in January when I saw this coming. I recently just re-stocked. Had someone offering a gallon (128 ounces) for $40 but found the 60 ounce germ-x at Walmart for $3.99 and 20 ounce 70% Purell Advanced Aloe at Walgreens for $3.99. Same prices as January. Deliveries are coming into the stores weekly. They sell out quick but I have had no issue getting. On that note, there is suggestion that it might not be safe to use hand sanitizer often. I have cut back my usage substantially. I only use it when there is no running water, soap, sink available, so I expect my re-stock to last a very long time.

  3. Cristina Negrin

    Excellent info support your local (and not so local) business. I am buying some online! Thanks Sharkey’s!

  4. Susan Pfister, Director, WCSA

    Scott, I look forward to receiving your generous donation and will be happy to share with our home-bound clients that we are delivering meals to. Thanks for thinking of the most vulnerable group in our community. Stay safe everyone.

  5. Dale Nordling

    QUESTION: How is this “spray hand sanitizer” different from, or better than, putting 91% rubbing alcohol (available OTC at pharmacies) in a spray bottle and using that as needed?