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Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids Pivots To Hand Sanitizer

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids is a successful childrens’ salon franchise. With over 70 locations in the US and overseas (61 more in development), they’ve revolutionized haircutting.

Kids sit in fun toy cars, watching cartoons or playing Xbox or Playstation on huge screens. There’s a private “Tween Lounge” too.

These days salons across the country are closed. But Sharkey’s is making a move that not only helps its business, but addresses a crucial issue: a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer.

And they’re doing it right here, from their Westport headquarters.

When Sharkey’s manufacturer of branded shampoos and lice products asked Scott Sharkey if he’d like to supply hand sanitizer to customers, the CEO was intrigued.

The manufacturer has been awarded contracts for a number of state governments and facilities. With 80% alcohol content, it far exceeds the quality of most products on shelves today. It’s manufactured in spray form, so it can also be used on grocery carts, door handles, automobile interiors, and to make alcohol wipes.

Sharkey’s charges below market price for an 80% alcohol-based product. It’s available to everyone on the company’s website, and usually ships within 24 hours. The sanitizer is also available for resale to supermarkets and businesses.

For Sharkey, distributing hand sanitizer is personal. Westport was one of the early hot spots for COVID-19. He’s seen the havoc it can cause.

In fact, he’s donating plenty of sanitizer to the Senior Center.

Sharkey hopes his 75 franchisees will help promote the sanitizer. They may not be cutting kids’ hair today —  but they’ll be doing their part to help the country through the current crisis, for tomorrow.