Remembering Turk Aksoy

The Westport Uniformed Firefighters Association Local 1081 announces with great sorrow the death of Westport firefighter Turk Aksoy. 

The 13-year Westport Fire Department veteran succumbed to an occupational cancer yesterday. He was 46 years old.

Before joining the Westport Fire Department, Turk worked for many years as a paramedic.

His wife Denise died this past January. They leave behind 2 children.

Turk Aksoy and his wife Denise.

Turk will be memorialized by Local 1081 and the Westport Fire Department. Details of services are still pending.

Local 1081 adds: “Please keep Turk’s children, his family, friends and fellow firefighters in your thoughts for strength and healing in this difficult time. Click here to make a donation in Turk’s memory, and in support of his children.”

In 2016, Turk testified before the Connecticut House Labor Committee, in support of presumptive cancer legislation. He said:

You know, it’s not easy. Every morning you wake up and you got to put your feet on the floor because you have a family looking after you and hopefully, you know, I’ll go back to work tonight actually, and then tomorrow I’m back in New York City starting chemo again. That’ll wipe me out for three days until I have to go back to work again. It’s tough on my kids, it’s tough on my wife…

Local 1081 says, “Occupational cancer has proven to be the new epidemic we face in the fire service. Far too many members of the fire service have been lost to this relentless illness.

“Rest in peace, Turk. You have served your community with tremendous honor, and will be greatly missed.”

7 responses to “Remembering Turk Aksoy

  1. Very sad very we lost a great firefighter

  2. On behalf of the Town of Westport, I want to express our sincere condolences to Firefighter Turk Askoy’s family and to his fellow firefighters. Turk demonstrated extraordinary bravery as a firefighter and even more bravery as he battled cancer. He represented the best of our firefighting team and will be missed by all who knew him. Thank you Turk for your dedication and service to Westport.

  3. Maybe we can start a movement in westport for this holiday season we can ask families to forego one gift and support turks kids

  4. Heartbreaking to read the news. RIP Turk. Thank you for your service.

  5. Joyce Barnhart

    What a terribly sad story. How old are his children?

  6. Please support the family on the go fund me website or stop and any firehouse and see the guys or stop and talk to a police officer and any town worker ok.

  7. With overwhelming sadness I write to acknowledge the lost of my dear stepson Turker! We had many long hours and great experience at our beloved Carpet Studio, You will surely be missed. You were an exceptional son, a people person, very strong with a commanding presence. Danae, Jean and I will mourn your lost greatly.