50 Years Later, Staples Grads Give Back

Debbie Hooper Fisher is a proud Staples graduate.

And she’s part of a family of fellow alums.

Her mother, Rita Hooper, graduated in 1942. Her brothers Jeff and Mike were in the classes of 1968 and ’76, respectively. Debbie’s daughter Kimberly Fisher was in the Class of ’96. Her son Raymond Warren — Debbie’s grandson — is in the Class of 2022.

Not every classmate from Debbie’s year — 1969 — has that pedigree. But many still feel strong ties to their alma mater.

Nearly 100 members made it back recently for the 50th reunion. Wherever they live now, they loved being back in their home town.

Yet amid all the reminiscing, partying and dancing — hey, it was the ’60s — the class went about the serious business of giving something back.

When Debbie’s daughter graduated, she received a Staples Tuition Grants scholarship. That helped her attend Columbia University. She went on to the Executive MBA program, and now serves on Verizon’s corporate strategy team.

Debbie knows the importance of STG. So do her classmates. It was easy to convince them to run a fundraiser for the organization, which since 1943 — the year after Debbie’s mother earned her diploma — has helped seniors and graduates with college expenses.

This was not even the first time the class helped out. Ten years ago, they donated $1,969 (get it?) to STG.

This time, they held a raffle. Prizes included a Woodstock poster (remember, they’re the Class of 1969).

Tickets were $20. Many members gave more. (They deliberately chose an inexpensive venue — Ned Dimes Marina at Compo Beach — to keep up-front expenses down.)

The other day, the class presented STG with a check for $2,500.

Staples Tuition Grants board members, Class of 1969 representatives, and the traditional oversized check. From left: Alex Shook, Ed Hulina (STG), Jeff Allen, Tom Krygier, Debbie Hooper Fisher, Mark Bunger, Peter Krieg, Iain Bruce (STG).

They challenge other reunion classes to give back too, to the group that for 76 years has helped so many Staples students go to college.

They want you to at least match their gift. And if other classes exceed it, they’ll be delighted.

Hey, it’s the Class of ’69.


(For more information on Staples Tuition Grants — or to contribute — click here.)

2 responses to “50 Years Later, Staples Grads Give Back

  1. Thank you without Staples Tuition Gratnts my twins may not have been able to attend college this year. Heartfelt gratitude

  2. Thanks, Dan, for another great article.. We were happy to do this and we had fun. And, you obviously picked the right person to bring it alive.