Storm Sequel: Police Report Road Closures

As cleanup and repairs continue after yesterday’s storm, the Westport Police Department urges residents to stay home. They say: “If you must be on the road, please drive with caution. Do not attempt to go around police tape and/or barricades.

“Please be considerate of these conditions during your morning commute. Allow for extra time, as damage has been extensive.”

These roads are still closed:

  • Long Lots Lane
  • 1 Long Lots Road
  • 30 Long Lots Road
  • Long Lots Road at Morningside Drive North
  • 30 Morningside Drive South
  • Spicer Court at Spicer Road
  • 6 Clapboard Hill Road
  • 235 Greens Farms Road
  • 245 Greens Farms Road
  • 23 Hillandale Road

The WPD also reminds Westporteres to treat every downed wire as if it were live, even if it does not appear to be energized.

Power outage reports, general outage questions, or non-emergency issues associated with electrical repairs should be directed to Eversource: 800-286-2000.

This Colony Road home sustained a direct hit from a tree during yesterday’s storm. One resident sustained minor injuries. The house was declared uninhabitable. (Photo/Westport Fire Department)

10 responses to “Storm Sequel: Police Report Road Closures

  1. Susan Ellis

    This is an unfortunate typo: “The WPD also reminds Westporteres to eat every downed wire as if it were live.”

  2. John Hartwell

    The WPD also reminds Westporteres to eat every downed wire….

    I think that’s “treat every…”

  3. Yikes. Typo has been fixed. My apologies.

  4. Jean Whitehead

    Very sorry to hear. Best wishes to my former town.

  5. I don’t think you meant to say “eat” the downed wires.

    Jo Ann

  6. Harry Smiley

    Grammar police are out in full force today. #perfectpeople