Pic Of The Day #805

Yesterday marked the end of Gay Pride Month. At 2 pm, a violent storm tore through Westport. A couple of hours later, the weather cleared — and this rainbow umbrella was celebrating Compo. (Photo/Amy Schneider)

3 responses to “Pic Of The Day #805

  1. Great shot, and timely also

  2. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Perfect. It even looks like there is another rainbow umbrella waiting to open…..Hopefully all the storms have passed.

  3. Dan. We were out for a relaxed Sunday afternoon sail. Around 1:45 I noticed very dark clouds to the Northeast. The wind was blowing around 10 kts from the Northeast. Lovely sailing weather. But….I decided to tack to port and head back. Then I felt a couple of drops and decided to furl the jib (we’d not raised the mainsail) and turn on the engine. And head back to Cedar Point YC. About three minutes later. It hit. Slammed. Wind sent from 10 kts to 35 kts. Then 40 kts. Then 49 kts (that’s like 55mph). Sea went from calm to 4 ft waves in a heartbeat. I sent my guests below. Nance got our foul weather gear and we powered through that gale. Scariest part was ZERO visibility and an outgoing tide. 5 Minutes later we saw some other boats and realized that although the wind was still screaming, the visibility was brightening. 10 minutes later it was over. Calm. Beautiful sun. We saw many swamped one design boats on our way in. And to hear of the fatalities you have described is heart wrenching.