Staples Grad Killed In Storm

The immensity of yesterday’s violent storm became clear, as word spread that 2 people were killed in the tri-state area.

One of the victims was Fairfield resident Dave Schmerzler. The 54-year-old graduate of Staples High School’s Class of 1983 was driving on the Fairfield side of Sturges Highway at 2:16 p.m., when a large tree limb pierced the car. He died at Norwalk Hospital an hour later.

Schmerzler’s wife, former Staples classmate Donna Taussig Schmerzler, was next to him. She suffered minor injuries. Their adult daughter, in the back seat, was not injured.

Schmerzler — a graduate of Syracuse University — grew up in Westport. Many friends are still here.

“The tragedy is immense,” one said. “Three seconds later, he would have missed it.”

Dave Schmerzler and his wife, Donna.

12 responses to “Staples Grad Killed In Storm

  1. Dan Donovan

    While we are all suffering through the profoundly sad passing of our lifelong friend Dave, grieving for Donna (also Staples 1983) and their kids and feeling a bit weak, I believe we will find strength in knowing that our circle of friends that has been tight-knit since we were kids growing up in Westport, will always be there for each other. It is a unique bond that we are fortunate to have.

  2. Mark L Yurkiw

    My wife & I walk Sturges Hwy everyday with my dogs. Ever since the tragedy that paralyzed our friend due to a tree branch falling (on her property) I have been asking the town to take down the dead trees that are right on the road, often growing in the road and asphalt paved around them! They finally started taking them down….too late. The reason I was given when I started asking was limited resources, time, and more pressing issues, Tragic answers, we need to allocate for and prioritize imminent dangers.

  3. My heart is aching for Barbara, Donna , the kids,Alan, Rob and Dan. There is a very tight group os young men and women who came out of “82 and ’83 who are still so close. They have had one tragedy after another and are always there for each other.
    Dan was the happiest guy anyone could know – always with a big smile -nevr complaining. Used to beat us regularly in silver screen trivia.
    Sending whatever strength I have to all of you my extended children and to Barbara – who loves her boys with abandon.

    • Of course I meant Dave in the second paragraph. Dan is pretty happy too. But…

  4. Well said Dan Donovan. Our hearts are broken, as they were so many years ago when we lost many friends at such young ages. Thoughts and prayers are with Donna, Emily, and Matt as well their extended families who we all have know our entire lives- Dan Woog – Thank you for posting

  5. Laurie Blumenfeld

    My parents and Barbara & Seymour Schmerzler were friends since the time I was a child. I grew up with the Schmerzler boys and am heartbroken for the whole family. My heart goes to Donna at this devastating time.

  6. Eric Rothstein

    So shocked and sad to hear about Dave my heart goes out to Donna and Barbara and the children and Rob and Dan.
    No words can heal this tragic loss

  7. Amy Pettee Dempsey

    Much love to all of the Schmerzler’s, Donna, their children, and the hoards of Staples grads that have remained together all of these years. Westport is special. So glad the chain of love is still strong to encircle this special family with all of the support they might need in the coming days. Robert and Barbara, especially, were there for me in my family’s darkest hours.I hope I can show them half the love. Rest peacefully, David.

  8. Sharon Cribari Saccary

    My heart goes out to David’s family. Such a terrible tragedy, a young vibrant life gone too soon. God bless his family, I hope the memories of him will always be in your hearts and make you smile.

  9. Val Saltzman

    It is so sad to think we have lost another lifelong friend. My heart is with all of you during this extremely difficult time.

  10. Brian Chapman

    Dave lives up the street from me. I have known him for 10 years. He rode a Harley by my house regularly. So last year after our regular golf tournament i said next time you drive by my house hit your horn to tell me it’s you.
    The next day i was sitting in my yard and heard a Harley and then the Beep.
    I laughed out loud. He told me later, he did not want to hit the horn regularly so after that he would rev the motor instead.
    I am going to miss the Dave drive bye. He was a good guy.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to The Schmerzler Family.

  11. Liz Tudort

    I just want to send my deepest condolences to this wonderful family and let them know I am praying for them. I am so very sorry for the loss of your wonderful son, father, husband, uncle, friend and everything else he was to so many.