Coming Soon: Carvana

Remember that text amendment the Planning & Zoning Commission passed a couple of weeks ago? You know, the one that would have permitted an electric car dealer on the site of the former Dragone Classic Motorcars — provided they remediated the soil, and fixed the rest of the property that was filled with oils and chemicals, after decades of use by old-fashioned car dealers.

An Alfa Romeo, outside the former Dragone Classic Motorworks showroom in Westport.

Turns out, the new tenant could be Carvana.

That’s the Arizona-based, 6-year-old used car dealer that sells entirely online. Customers search for, finance and trade in their old vehicles all through the website. They can inspect any vehicle — inside and out — with 360-degree views.

Carvana offers nationwide delivery, or the option to pick up a vehicle at one of their “car vending machine locations.”

So it appears there won’t be an electric car dealer on Post Road West after all.

Instead, there will be a used car dealer.

And because a text amendment is not required for one regular automobile dealership to replace another, there’s no requirement for Carvana to clean up the site — opposite Kings Highway Elementary School — at all.

7 responses to “Coming Soon: Carvana

  1. Elizabeth Thibault

    Does anyone know why the site isn’t required to be remediated anyway, by whomever owns it? Is the thought that it’s a waste to bother cleaning it up, if it’s going to be used for conventional car purposes, and would just get dirty again? How contaminated are we talking about, exactly?

  2. The yellow car sure looks like a MG TD

  3. Someone should expose the owner and require them to clean the site up. The Town should report the site to the state if in fact it is really badly contaminated

  4. Wonder what was required for Terrain to clean up their property after 30+ years of a GM dealer on the property? OOPS. I forgot they are not selling electric cars.

  5. That site was a VW dealership in the seventies (Small Car Co.). Then Saab in the nineties. Dragone, a used car store.

  6. Kathryn Coster

    Loopholes at work…what a shame.

  7. Patrick Church

    That is disgusting…does nothing matter anymore