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Coming Soon: Carvana

Remember that text amendment the Planning & Zoning Commission passed a couple of weeks ago? You know, the one that would have permitted an electric car dealer on the site of the former Dragone Classic Motorcars — provided they remediated the soil, and fixed the rest of the property that was filled with oils and chemicals, after decades of use by old-fashioned car dealers.

An Alfa Romeo, outside the former Dragone Classic Motorworks showroom in Westport.

Turns out, the new tenant could be Carvana.

That’s the Arizona-based, 6-year-old used car dealer that sells entirely online. Customers search for, finance and trade in their old vehicles all through the website. They can inspect any vehicle — inside and out — with 360-degree views.

Carvana offers nationwide delivery, or the option to pick up a vehicle at one of their “car vending machine locations.”

So it appears there won’t be an electric car dealer on Post Road West after all.

Instead, there will be a used car dealer.

And because a text amendment is not required for one regular automobile dealership to replace another, there’s no requirement for Carvana to clean up the site — opposite Kings Highway Elementary School — at all.