Pics Of The Day #590


The gross, unsightly, overflowing, visibility-impairing dumpsters at the head of Parker Harding Plaza have been removed.

Unfortunately, it seems some downtown merchants didn’t get the message that the new trash compactors are ready for use.

(Photos/Chip Stephens)

Let’s hope they figure out how to dump their garbage soon.

It’s not rocket science. Just common courtesy.

18 responses to “Pics Of The Day #590

  1. Hopefully another nail salon or bank will go in that space. 🙂

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    If I recall correctly, this dumpster “spot” has been located there since the 1990’s-ish … is that correct? Maybe earlier? Can’t recall. I just remember seeing it “forever”, and … ick!

    I could never wrap my head around the idea of putting it there.

    What an amazing eyesore, a depressingly gross way to “enter” what should be a prime and “charming” shopping district of Westport.

    Reminds me of the equally nasty dumpster scenario behind the old Remarkable Book Shop/Barber Shop corner at the other end of Parking Harder/Harder Parking lot (ahem, old townies know that overused reference). 😉

    • Too bad you won’t be able to move the South Beach restroom once it’s constructed. I guess a dumpster obstructing the “visibility” of a parking lot and buildings is of more concern than an obtrusive building obstructing the panoramic views of LI Sound.

      • Enough, Jay. You’ve made your points. Many times.

        • Dan, perhaps many times but not enough as our petition drive has proven. You know that overwhelmingly town residents are still NOT aware of the underlying cost, design, location and safety issues of that restroom and are very thankful when they are informed. It seems that 10-1 residents do not want that structure there or at that cost. 10-1! Although you do a great job with your entertaining blog, the town requires a better way of communicating and dialoguing with the public. When an indelible mistake that puts the safety of residents at risk is about to happen, remaining silent is not an acceptable option. Given my 35 years of emergency medicine expertise, remaining silent would be irresponsible because I deeply care about this town, the residents who live here, and those who will be forced to use what we provide. All my health and safety concerns are shared by other physicians and health care experts in Town. Silencing those who are bold enough to cite a warning before it is too late would be an egregious mistake. This is that important. So the way you presented today’s topic just seems very ironic given the other that has yet to be fully explained to the public. Thanks again Dan.

  3. The rats that live there will be bummed!

  4. Joyce Barnhart

    In a town with as much artistic talent as ours, couldn’t those who provide the dumpsters hire somebody to make them look better? Paint them? Fence them? Also, those bags of trash probably hold material that identifies the merchant whose sloppy, lazy employee(s) put them there. There are probably penalties, i.e. fines, for just dropping the garbage near instead of in the dumpsters. This is a problem that could be solved if anyone in authority knew who to hold responsible and then did.

  5. Hi All, the new compactors will indeed have a beautiful enclosure. Depending on the weather it may go up in the spring, but we would like to do sooner if possible. That said, the garbage recently dumped outside the compactors is disgraceful.
    We’ve had a staff member spend hours over the past month visiting every single refuse merchant and training them on the new machines, as well as giving them an access code. We are looking to find out who is responsible for the pile of garbage outside and are planning to fine them. Any leads are welcome, but we do have a super sleuth working on it…Believe me, we are as appalled as everyone else!

    • Put on a pair of disposable gloves, look through the garbage, and I have a feeling that that will help figure out where it originated from. It may not even be a local merchant.

  6. Were the merchants properly notified and communicated with? I highly doubt they would go out of their way to not use the compactors.. seems like there was a miscommunication, and knowing how things sometimes operate around here, I would be hesitant to put the blame entirely on the merchant.

    • Hi Seth, there was staff member entirely dedicated to training the merchants for the past month. This is not the first time this has happened, and that was when there was no excuse (no new machines, no access code) for dumping outside of the dumpster. It could possibly be a business that is not supposed to be using this site and they have opted to violate instead of going through the proper procedure, or it could be that merchants have not communicated with all of their staff adequately. What I can confirm is that we took all the proper steps to ensure this did not happen.

  7. I use take care off that area the business have to help and not put garbage out like that I do think the Dma is doing the best they can. Down there but we never get help from town hall we get alittle but as someone who lives downtown the town ignores us we have flooding down here a lot and we ask jim Marpe to help all he cares about is being at party’s I do hope he stands up on public transit shuttle he does not want it anymore I was on citizen transit committee he dismantled it I hope we see Jen tooker ans melissa Kane Downtown I am sure will Haskell will help us Downtown

  8. Hooray!! A victory for the Westport massive

  9. Joyce Barnhart

    I’m pretty sure that the restrictions on “search and seizure”, or whatever the term is for government authorities searching someone’s home or car, does not apply to garbage put on the street/curb – or next to a dumpster, probably. Pretty sure there is no constitutional protection for litterbugs.
    As I wrote above, opening those dropped bags can probably reveal the dropper Then their garbage can be returned to them, maybe with a ticket for littering, too. Fine them enough, often enough, and the problem is likely to at least decrease. If they can’t be fined because it’s private property (is it?), then maybe they can at least be shamed especially if their names are publicized as the pigs they are.

  10. There’s actually no training for garbagemen. They just pick it up as they go! Actually as a kid my ambition was to be a garbageman because I mistakenly thought they only worked on Tuesdays.

  11. Mary Ann Batsell

    Jack Backiel
    Jalna is my sister and yes we are daughters of the late Andre Jaeger, you used to
    Live down the street from us.

  12. Mary Ann Batsell

    Jack Backiel
    Jalna is my sister and yes we are daughters of the late Andre Jaeger, you used to
    Live down the street from us.