1177 Post Road East Meets The Beach

Westporters have watched with interest as 1177 Post Road East — the new 4-story, 94-unit apartment complex — nears completion.

It’s hard to miss: It takes up much of the land between North Morningside and North Turkey Hill, directly opposiste Greens Farms Elementary School.

Which means it’s nowhere near the water.

An artist’s rendering of the 4-story rental property at 1177 Post Road East.

That’s not stopping its marketing company.

A website showing off the property is — let’s say, “interesting.”

The headline reads “11/77 Greens Farms” (or perhaps “Greens 11/77 Farms” — it’s hard tell).

Technically of course the building is not in Greens Farms. The Post Road is the dividing line. Children moving into the new apartments will go to Long Lots Elementary School, not Greens Farms.

But okay, the Greens Farms neighborhood starts right across the street. Perhaps that’s why the marketing materials boast of “a coastal enclave rich with history and character.”

Without mentioning it by name, the website touts “Westport’s oldest neighborhood, lined with old stone walls weaving between pre-war colonial homes and beautiful estates, vast open meadows and saltwater marshland.”

There are no architect’s renderings of what the apartment building will look like.

There are, however, beautiful photos of:

  • A stand-up paddleboarder
  • Sherwood Mill Pond
  • A beautiful bedroom, and
  • What appears to be a woman wearing a comfy fall sweater.

A screenshot from the marketing website.

Besides “11/77,” there is one nod to the Post Road. It’s this, tucked away in a headline that once again references the water (the closest beach is Sherwood Island — 1.9 miles away, according to Google Maps):

“Combining Westport’s coastal charm with the convenience of shops, restaurants and services of the Post Road.”

The website says that studio apartments rent “from the $2000s,” while 1-bedrooms begin at $2,850. Extended-stay options are available for business travelers.

(Of the 94 units, 29 — 30% — are considered “affordable” under state 8-30g regulations.)

Want to know more? Or just curious how “11/77 Post Road” is being marketed to the world? Click here!

(Hat tip: Greens Farms Association and president Art Schoeller)

18 responses to “1177 Post Road East Meets The Beach

  1. Jacques Voris

    Well, to be technical…Green’s Farms as it was incorporated into the Town of Westport in 1842 extended from Hills-point/Roseville road to the Fairfield line, north to Cross Highway, south to the water. That usage was still in use, somewhat at least, as late as 1944. Reference the obituary of Henry “Hen” Mills “of Green’s Farms” who lived on North Avenue. So, the location is within the bounds of at least one understanding of Green’s Farms.

  2. Dick Lowenstein

    Well, you can “see” Greens Farms from the Post-Road facing units (1177greensfarms.com). Reminds me of Norwalk’s Pepperidge Farm apartments, which are advertised as “597 Westport Apartments,” since you can “see” Westport from some of their units. (597westport.com)

    BTW, when does an “fully furnished extended stay” become an overnight motel?

    • Peggy O'Halloran

      Dick, 597 Westport Apartments is so named for the actual address. That stretch of rt 1 is Westport Avenue and while it would be nice to decry the moniker as faux elitism, that more aptly applies to some misguided Westporters! As for your query regarding 1177 as a possible overnight motel, I do hope there are some restrictions in place either through the town or the lease holders. Begs the argument about Air BnBs in communities.

  3. Lawrence J. Zlatkin

    This is not a 4 story building. It is 5+ stories if you include the garage, which appears to be above ground, unless the property is being regraded. I’m not a NIMBY resident, but this must be the tallest building in Westport, and it really does not fit the neighborhood. I don’t know why this type of building isn’t located downtown, where we could mix retail and residential and get people on the streets again. Sure, we will have these too now downtown, but this is a BIG building and a missed opportunity.

  4. Michelle Benner

    11 / 77 ? Are fraction addresses a thing now?

  5. John McCarthy

    Has anyone seen any ads for the affordable units? There are very specific rules around marketing the affordable units.

    • Dick Lowenstein


      The very specific ad was in the Ct Post on Friday. My copy went to recycling, but the Library probably has it.


  6. Morley Boyd

    This is what East German housing would likely look like if it were built today. Except the East Germans would have retained the services of an architect so it might have been somewhere between 11 and 77% less awful.

    • Laura Appelman

      Couldn’t have said it better, Morley. This building is hideous, and completely out of place, not only where it is situated, but in the town of Westport. Yes, East German housing or perhaps a gentrified prison somewhere in the Gulag!!

  7. $1,865 mo. studio rent = ‘affordable’?https://www.apartments.com/1177-post-rd-e-westport-ct/rv2q6x0/

  8. Michael Calise

    You can thank our off course Hartford legislators for this! Wait till the tax bill arrives for the services including police, fire, and schools required to service this totally out of place monstrosity.

  9. Studio for $2k, 1 bedroom for $3k. So Westport is the new Manhattan?

  10. So in other words, Westport’s “rustic charm” is being used to hawk exactly the kind of development that’s rapidly eroding what remains of that charm.

  11. There’s a reason they’re not showing the product: It looks like someone downloaded a free set of plans from the internet and loaded them into a 3-D printer!

    These lowest-common-denominator apartments are popping up like weeds everywhere. At least in ones built on adequately sized sites there are amenities like a pool and jacuzzi – but here all everything seems to be budget-motel-grade – because that’s all you can do on land that’s so little and expensive.

    By the way, the copy talks about “upgraded kitchens…with LVT flooring throughout.” I’d never heard of LVT so I had to look it up. It stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile.” Remember, the stuff from the Color Tile store we helped our dads stick down with black goo, to spruce up mom’s kitchen in the less-luxurious Westport of the 1960’s!

    • Ha! LVT is squished dinosaurs? Hilarious.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      “By the way, the copy talks about “upgraded kitchens…with LVT flooring throughout.” I’d never heard of LVT so I had to look it up. It stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile.” Remember, the stuff from the Color Tile store we helped our dads stick down with black goo, to spruce up mom’s kitchen in the less-luxurious Westport of the 1960’s!”

      LOL! Exactly!

      So much for any semblance of eco-smart construction going on in this development, aye? (Let’s glue the shit down, and hope it sticks, and if anyone gets sick from the chemicals … well, there’s a lawyer for that, right?!?).

      Guess one shouldn’t wait to hear about the installation of solar panels, sustainable use of bamboo flooring, non-toxic building materials, or storm-smart construction.

      Nope, just a few sticks and a few bricks, at a premium.

      How short sided are these “developers” … everywhere (not just in Westport).

  12. http://www.icpltd.net
    If you look at the developer’s website you can see what’s really going on here. They are not apartment professionals. They’re office building investors…and lots of those buildings have empty space right now…especially the smaller Class B ones that make up the bulk of the portfolio.

    Shoehorning a high density apartment building into a lot designed for small-business offices is a “Hail Mary” pass at surviving in this climate. Alas…there are plenty of truly purpose-built apartment sites out there, so I think this is a risky move for this guy’s investors.