The British Are Coming!

Or not. But some interesting visitors just arrived.

You don’t see many 3-masted schooners off Compo Beach these days.

But Ellen Bowen spotted this beauty a few minutes ago. It dropped anchor right off the jetty.

(Photo/Ellen Bowen)

If it’s yours, let me know. I’d love a tour, up close and personal!

5 responses to “The British Are Coming!

  1. Ahoy Matey’s, I wanna a tour too, Dan!

  2. Peter Jennings Talbot

    Very cool!

  3. Bettina Calise Cooleen

    Hi Dan! This beauty is part (carrying crew, etc..) of two 12 Meter America’s Cup boats that have ariived today at Black Rock Yacht Club in St. Mary’s by the Sea. My husband is crewing on one of them tonight! Fun race for the evening! Pray for some wind for us – not much as we speak!

  4. Wow… absolutely beautiful.

  5. Absolutely beautiful