A Ducky Rescue

Most Westport Fire Department press releases describe house blazes, motor vehicle extrications and hazardous waste clean-ups.

This one’s different. 

And one more reason why we love our firefighters:

 Earlier this evening, Westport Fire Department dispatchers received numerous calls for an animal rescue on I-95. A family of ducks had been observed trying to navigate I-95 at rush hour, resulting in 9 ducklings falling into a storm drain.

Rescue 3 and the shift commander responded to I-95 North to provide assistance, meeting up with state police troopers just prior to exit 17. A Department of Transportation Safety Patrol vehicle provided critical barrier protection for those working on the highway.

Removing the grate for the rescue.

Firefighters used a variety of hand tools, hydraulic rescue tools and metering equipment to gain access to the storm drain. Firefighter Andrew Ponticiello entered the storm drain via a ladder and patiently rescued all 9 of the ducklings, despite their reluctance to exit. This was his second animal rescue from a storm drain in as many days.

Firefighter Andrew Ponticiello, with his 9 ducklings.

As a reminder, if you are concerned about the welfare of any animal — particularly when the animals are on a highway or main road — call 911 and ask for assistance. The roads and highways are dangerous places to be. We want to make sure everyone goes home safely.

11 responses to “A Ducky Rescue

  1. Carol Barrett

    How great is that 🦆

    Carol L Barrett


  2. Susan Iseman

    Maybe the ducklings can be honorary guests at the duck race.

  3. Luke Garvey

    The ducks got all the way to Compo Road South. I saw the firefighters pulling sewer grates – and ducklings! Great work.

  4. Thank you Westport Fire Department for coming to the rescue for these little ones, and thank you Wildlife in Crisis for taking them in. Peter Reid, Director of Wildlife in Crisis, reports they are resting in an incubator right now after their close call.

  5. Jo Shields

    What a wonderful story, though I wonder what happened to mama and papa. Thank you WFD for caring about all things, big, and small (x9)!

  6. Thank you for the rescue and their subsequent care.

  7. Amy Kaplan

    Awww! Way to go guys!

  8. Robin Massa


  9. Toni Boucher

    Heartwarming. Thank you!

  10. Elaine Nord

    Thanks so much for this story! A great way to start my day today!

  11. Phil Perlah

    Was officer Clancey involved?