Calling All Veterans!

Like a true veteran, Ted Diamond keeps serving.

He’s 100 years old. He’s a former Memorial Day parade grand marshal.

And he wants to make sure that every vet — particularly those who, like he, served in World War II — get a chance to participate in the event.

For the past 10 years, he has arranged transportation in the parade. Once again, he’s made sure there are a few cars available, for vets to ride in.

Any veterans wishing to participate next Monday should call Ted (203-227-7680), or e-mail him:

As for the rest of us: We’ll line the route, waving and giving our thanks.

Ted Diamond, at last year’s Memorial Day ceremony.


3 responses to “Calling All Veterans!


    Next time you see/talk with Ted, please tell him that one of the reasons I am a teacher is because he, as my math teacher, is a compelling role model. Thanks,
    Pamela Pollak

  2. Robin Massa

    my Dad is there in spirit! He was the 52 Ozarks infantry. same Dad would be 99 this year.. he built the bridges in Normandy!God Bless these Heros!

  3. Carol Diamond

    Hi Dan: Calling All Veterans! was a great story. Many thanks from Ted and me.

    Carol Diamond