Compo Pavilion Roof: The Sequel

According to initial reports from Westport Parks and Recreation, the Compo Beach pavilion roof is being removed and replaced.

Like Republican promises about Obamacare however, that might not be exactly what’s happening — at least, right now.

In fact, this week the roof is only being removed.

For a while now, Parks and Recreation director Jen Fava has been on the Board of Finance July 5 agenda, to ask for funds for removing and replacing that roof.

However, when a consultant reported that the roof was structurally unsound, Parks and Rec decided to remove it ASAP.

That project began yesterday.

The Compo Beach pavilion — including the soon-to-be-removed roof.

Fava will still go before the moneymen next month. If approved, a new roof will be installed before next summer.

But for the rest of this season, the pavilion will be open to the sky. Unless, Fava says, another type of roof solution is found.

The rest of the structure — brick walls and cement floor — is not being worked on at all.

The roof removal is expected to be completed before the July 4th weekend crush.

26 responses to “Compo Pavilion Roof: The Sequel

  1. Just keep throwing money on an old structure while putting bandaids on it. For the old timers memories. Perfect.

  2. Guess the replace part of the news was an alternative fact.

  3. Rindy Higgins

    How ‘ bout a solar roof to supply energy for Joey’s or to sell back? Might be a grant to do so.

  4. An integral part of the Compo Beach atmosphere is allowed to rot; it’s replacement/refurbishment is dragged well into the future. I am no longer a Westporter, but were I, I’d be all over the city fathers for letting this happen; instead they spend millions on re-doing the center of town while allowing the jewel of the town to rust and rot. It’s disappointing to see this happen.

  5. Pretty sad state of affairs that a town like Westport can’t afford to replace an unsafe roof for the short summer enjoyment that we have in this part of the. country! Our tax dollars not at work!

  6. The structure needs to be torn down completely and re-built or our tax dollars will just keep going towards a continuous issue without ever actually fixing it.

  7. What are your tax dollars funding, anyway? Obviously not a single-payer healthcare system.

    • You are taxes won’t go towards a single payer healthcare system…..
      However, If you are talking about federal taxes (since you brought up healthcare), then, roughly broken down:
      – 29% healthcare
      – 25% Pentagon and Military
      – 13.5 % interest on Federal Debt
      – 8% Unemployment and Labor
      – 6% Veterans Benefits
      – 4.5% Food and Agriculture
      – 3.5% Education
      – 3% Government
      – The rest on Housing and Community, Energy, International Affairs, Environment, Science, Transportation etc..

      • Yes, Bob, I jumped to federal taxes to understand the complexity surrounding the healthcare battle. What about infrastructure, another ongoing debacle? Anyway, I will always be perplexed by those who complain about taxes, those who seem to care less about others.

  8. Dave Feliciano

    If you like your roof you can keep it. Even though it self destructing. Thank goodness some one took positive action before it collapsed. Yet somehow Republicans are too blame. I know it’s really a “Russian Conspiracy” and it’s that Guys Fault.

  9. Wanda Tedesco

    We can make jokes but our beach is a sad state of affairs. Beautiful marina, pavilion and bath houses falling down and let’s not forget the beautiful blue rest rooms on South Beach.

  10. Is this the chance to get a cedar roof ? ha.

  11. Sharon Paulsen

    I like Rindy Higgins idea from upthread (solar panels).

    Whenever we improve infrastructure, whether it’s smaller/local projects, like this roof, or larger projects, like transportation or high speed rail systems (think: Tesla’s tube transport concept!!), we should keep sustainability and our greener future in mind!

    It just makes sense … to me.

    Thanks for the Compo updates Dan … I really enjoyed the recent palm tree “series” too! 😎

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