Tuesdays @ The (T)rain

Call it a “dry run.”

Except a sudden, unexpected thunderstorm sent dozens of commuters, parents, kids and random Westporters scurrying for the safety of tents set up by food vendors, local organizations and the sponsoring Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce — while knocking out the live music that had just kicked in.

And except for a storm-related Metro-North overhead wire problem that created delays of up to 30 minutes, and caused trains to shuttle back and forth between Westport and Rowayton.

Apart from those glitches though, the 1st-ever “Tuesdays @ the Train” event went swimmingly, at Luciano Park next to the station.

The sun came out. There were games and eats. Everyone relaxed, went with the (still-wet) flow, and had a great time.

Mark your calendars for the next 2 Tuesdays @ the Train: July 18 and August 8.

First Selectman Jim Marpe checks out the “Tuesdays @ the Train” tents in Luciano Park.

Kids played in a variety of ways.

Meanwhile, all around town, a rainbow lit up the skies. Here’s a sampling:

Compo Beach (Photo/Rich Stein)

Burying Hill Beach (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

The downtown view, from iFloat (Photo/terry Stangl)

7 responses to “Tuesdays @ The (T)rain

  1. Sorry I missed it. What time is the event (so I know for next time)?

  2. Sean Costello


    A few pics of the Double Rainbow at Compo today.

    What does it all mean?!? It means milkshakes at Joey’s!


  3. We’re calling it a wet run…. even with the rain everyone had a smile. The concept works, the weather just has to as well.

    See on July 18 and Aug 8.

    • Matthew Mandell

      Fricken phone auto correct. See U on July 18 and Aug 8. Come on out for an evening with friends, neighbors and family……

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Especially liked Rich Stein’s photo “capture” of that rainbow on Compo!

    The weather was a perfect mix of storm and sun, in lower Fairfield County area towns today.

    Ah, summer!

  5. Adam Vengrow

    30 minutes late on the train is the new “in” thing. the fun new trend sweeping fairfield and westchester county. we slow down to 10 miles per hour thru a few of our more scenic towns. apparently we have been annoying the squirrels by going faster than children can ride a bike and new safety precautions demanding we slow down to 8mph atound turns!