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Pic Of The Day #2100

Compo Beach pavilion in winter (Photo/Rowene Weems)

Pic Of The Day #2067

Compo Beach pavilion: a timeless scene (Photo/Meredith Holod)

Friday Flashback #313

At the risk of our Friday Flashback becoming all-Compo Beach-all-the-time, I’m posting 4 more postcards from Seth Schachter’s superb Westport-themed collection.

They show clear, wide turn-of-the-century views, of the long stretch of bathhouses that pre-dated the current boardwalk, and the 2-story pavilion nearby.

All that remains today is the roof of the open-air pavilion.

The views below include people enjoying themselves, on the 2nd floor.

A commenter on an earlier Friday Flashback thought that the flag was “photoshopped” in. It’s clear from these postcards that the flag was real.

The early 20th century Compo Beach experience was a bit different from today’s.

In their own way, our great-grandparents had plenty of fun.

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Pic Of The Day #1969

Classic Compo Beach pavilion shot (Photo/JD Dworkow)

Friday Flashback #305

Last week’s Friday Flashback — about the original Comp Beach concession stand, where the volleyball courts are today — drew a yeah-but-remember-further-back comment from Michael Calise.

The native Westporter recalls that even before the Chubby Lane’s shack, the original pavilion had a second-floor dining spot.

Look familiar?

It should. The pavilion was damaged in a storm, leading to the removal of most of the structure. What’s left today is the open-air pavilion, next to the volleyball courts and drop-off/pick-up area.

Only the roof remains. But it’s the same one as in the photo.

PS: Michael Calise says that across the street — in what is now the Soundview parking lot — a bandshell featured nightly entertainment, run by the concessionaire.

Pic Of The Day #1673

Compo Beach songs (Photo/Melissa Sobil Zitomer)

Pics Of The Day #1645

I’ve been inundated with sunrise and sunset photos. They’re great — but there are tons of them. Here’s a compilation.

Now let’s call a moratorium on sunrise and sunset photos. At least until winter.

Old Mill Beach (Photo/Matt Murray)

Compo Beach pavilion (Michael Tomashefsky)

Compo Beach, from Soundview (Photo/Jim Hood)

Mid-October, late day, Compo Beach (Photo/Alina Pitchon)

Compo Beach South Beach one day … (Photo/Jane Malakoff)

,,, and another (Photo/Roseann Spengler)

A dog and his sunset … (Photo/Les Dinkin)

… and another (Photo/Melissa Sobil Zitomer)

Several photographers saw the same sailboat (Photo/Seth Goltzer)

… again … (Photo/Judith Katz)

… and one more time (Photo/Brian Sikorski)

One final sunset (Photo/Les Dinkin)

Pic Of The Day #1637

Barrie and Dylan Rosen watch the weekend waves (Photo/Frank Rosen)

Pic Of The Day #1414

Compo Beach pavilion (Photo/Judith Katz)

Pics Of The Day #1365

One view of the Compo Beach pavilion … (Photo/Susan Woog Wagner)

… and another (Photo/Amy Schneider)