Meet M.EAT

When Saugatuck Center opened a few years ago, Saugatuck (now Fleishers) Craft Butchery helped deliver the buzz.

Now — as Bedford Square attempts to draw folks downtown — it’s adding its own field-to-table butcher shop.

M.EAT Organic Beef & Provisions opens this spring. The “old-school meat market with new school fundamentals” offers high-quality beef and lamb from Uruguay, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

In addition to hand butchering, M.EAT will feature a “burger bar,” where customers can choose their own grind of meat types and fat content, accompanying organic cheeses and produce, as well as seasoning products, and cooking and equipment aids.

M.EAT will also carry domestic organic meat and chicken, with ingredients from local farmers and artisans.

It’s expected to open in late May.

12 responses to “Meet M.EAT

  1. If the meat comes from so far away does this not mean it has been frozen? Hardly farm to table!

    • Allison Adler

      Yes, it must be frozen…otherwise that would be a bigger problem!! Organic maybe but not local…

  2. Michael Krein

    Manero’s Butcher Shop udes to be the standard!!

  3. Werner Liepolt

    Is this as strange as it appears?

  4. Who needs one more overpriced “organic” food joint.
    Oh, yeah, and the name is stupid.

    • David A. Waldman

      Really. Stupid is the word that comes to mind. In a time when retail is far from easy the owner of M.EAT (which is a great name if you want to meet and eat) is a hard working man who wants to create a quality experience for people in our town. I am sure it has been said before but if you have nothing nice to say then I recommend saying nothing.

      Lastly, in the words of Forrest Gump, “stupid is what stupid does”. Let’s all try and be a little less stupid and more accepting.

  5. David, David, David,
    Lighten up. Just because he’s a tenant in your extraordinary complex, does not me you must step to the plate in defense of an unnecessary retailer with a name that will never roll off the tongue as a retail name should.

    • David A. Waldman

      Fair point. I guess I feel overly protective of future tenants who are putting their hard earned money to use in our town.

      • Bart Shuldman

        David. With such a nice open area, any chance we can get a small coffee shop? I was just in Darien and they have NEAT (closed in westport) and people sit in the open area next to the shop. Was really nice.

        Your courtyard is beautiful and would be a great place to sit and have a cup of coffee. Maybe?

  6. Brick and mortar retail is dying everywhere and the risk/hard work should be supported – especially in one’s own town not butchered. Entrepreneurs are the back bone of our country, and to David’s point if you don’t appreciate the value of their business than speak with your hooves and walk to another shop to buy your proteins! However, I would encourage even the most skeptical to try it out once; especially since S.American meat is considered to be among the best in the world.

  7. I’m surprised this venture got so many negative comments. What a welcome (!)

    I for one am anxiously awaiting a spot at the “burger bar.”