The Cottage Gets Bigger

It hasn’t been easy to score a reservation for The Cottage — chef Brian Lewis’ highly acclaimed restaurant featuring locally sourced cuisine, dedicated to seasonal American cooking with casual simplicity and coastal charm. Menus change weekly.

It’s a bit easier now. And for a very good reason: An additional 800 square feet in Colonial Green.

The Cottage’s next-door expansion includes seating for parties of 10 at a window seat banquette. Reservations are required.

There’s also full-service dining at the 10-seat bar, with a new cocktail menu, local draft beers and an expanded wine program. Bar seating is walk-in only.

If your New Year’s resolution is “Get a meal at the Cottage,” you’re in much more luck now.

“Hamilton” tickets, however, are still pretty much out of reach.

The newly expanded Cottage.

The newly expanded Cottage.

2 responses to “The Cottage Gets Bigger

  1. Michael Calise

    Looks Great!

  2. Carl Volckmann

    Probably doesn’t look so good to Julio to and his Amali beauty parlor which was forced out of his lease after 35-40 years by his landlord and the Cottage. He didn’t cater to the glitterati and the entitled, just the “normal” people like my wife. He supported local soccer teams and the like, which I doubt the Cottage will do. Maybe they’ll give him a free meal.