Paul Newman Still Helps Farmers’ Market Grow

Sure, it’s winter. But there’s always something stirring at the Westport Farmers’ Market.

The long-running food hub — operating through March on Saturdays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Gilbertie’s on Sylvan Lane South — has just received a $10,000 grant from Newman’s Own Foundation.

It’s a great connection for the 2 Westport-based organizations. The foundation — formed in 2005 by our own Paul Newman — focuses on 4 areas with the potential for transformational change. They include philanthropy, children, employment — and nutrition.

The Farmers’ Market, meanwhile, provides fresh, local, healthy and seasonal food to the community, while promoting education about local food and farms, and sustainable growing practices.

A typical scene at the Westport Farmers' Market.

A typical scene at the Westport Farmers’ Market.

Lori Cochran-Dougall, WFM executive director, calls the grant “especially poignant.” After all, Newman helped found the market in 2006.

“Paul Newman and Michael Nischan” — Newman’s friend and partner in, among other things, the Dressing Room restaurant adjacent to the WFM’s 1st location in the Westport Country Playhouse’ parking lot — “brought life to the market we know and love today,” Cochran-Dougall says.

“Over the years we have proudly referred to Mr. Newman’s contributions and relished stories from Westporters who crossed his path at Town Hall on the days he was on a mission to get the market up and running.”

Paul Newman, flanked by Lori Cochran-Dougall and Michel Nischan, proudly sporting Westport Farmers' Market gear.

Paul Newman, flanked by Lori Cochran-Dougall and Michel Nischan.

Over a decade later, the market is thriving. It boasts some of the strictest standards for participation in the state, over 40 vendors, and that active indoor winter market.

The Newman’s Own funds will help the Farmer’s Market increase the breadth and depth of its programming.

“We’re not sure how to express our gratitude for this grant,” Cochran-Dougall says. “But we will work even harder to honor the founders who planted this seed.”

3 responses to “Paul Newman Still Helps Farmers’ Market Grow

  1. Camille Addario

    Newman foundation has always been the most caring and giving foundation to children
    And communities. This continues thru his family and contributors Thank you for your
    Camille Addario Regards to all

  2. Hanne Jeppesen

    This is a little off subject, but Paul Newman was one of the most classy people ever, then of course there was his blue eyes. Never tire of his movies, have seen most of them, some several times (The long hot summer, Cat on hot tin roof). Westport was lucky to have him and Joanne. Unfortunately, I never ran into Paul Newman the almost 2 years I lived there. Did see Joanne once in a local restaurant, when I was visiting Westport in the early eighties.

  3. Nancy Hunter

    Kudos to the Newman’s Own Foundation. Great that the products are available in Canada (having to adhere to bilingual labels!). I’ve been a loyal consumer for years.