Country Curtains Folds

Country Curtains — the “bedding, decor and more store” nestled between Carvel and Stiles — is closing. A sign on the door says the last day is January 31.

It’s not exactly a mom-and-pop. The website lists a couple of dozen other locations, and they’ll remain open. There’s also a catalog business.

But Country Curtains has been here since at least 1988, so it seems this has been a good market.

Though apparently not good enough for someone — either the chain’s CEO, or the strip mall owner.


(Hat tips: Amy Schneider and Patti Brill)

5 responses to “Country Curtains Folds

  1. 😦


  2. The internet is killing a lot of retail stores.

  3. Country Curtains is great, but it’s just too middle class for today’s Westport. It’s a place you go to pick out stuff yourself — not with your decorator! And the stuff is not custom made. Horrors!

  4. Terry Santella Anzalone

    Great store—I will miss it.

  5. Christy Colasurdo

    Sorry, but this stuff was just plain dowdy. Didn’t keep up with the times. Some of the styles had not changed in over a decade, and they were frumpy then.

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