3D At The Library

If you thought the Westport Library’s 3D printer wasn’t cool enough, take another peek. They’re showing off 2 more.

And these are even more state-of-the-art than the “old” (!) MakerBot.

A Mojo and uPrint are on loan for demonstrations through this weekend. Entrepreneur Scott Rownin used one yesterday to print out a device he designed (see photo below). Called “SafeRide,” it prevents teenagers from texting in their cars.

3D printer

For printer demonstration days and times — in other words, to see the future of technology — click here.

4 responses to “3D At The Library

  1. Love your blog

    If you haven’t seen one of these printers in action – get over there & check it out! awesome.

  2. One downside of these printers is you can make non-traceable gun parts on them (i.e.: the lower reciever of a rifle).

    Granted, they are made of plastic, but they have been shown to be used for several shots before they broke.

  3. Kerstin Warner

    The Library has made great innovations in their Maker Space. I’m particularly grateful that students have been trained to work with the 3-D printers. Bill Derry has been exceptionally welcoming and forward-thinking, as has Maxine Bleiweis and the whole Library staff. Save the date of Saturday April 27th for this year’s bigger-and-better Westport Mini Maker Faire in and around the Library. I’m sure we will see some of the clever results of working with the 3-D printers and many more inventions…

  4. WPL and Dan both ahead of the curve. Marketplace Tech picked this story up today: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/tech/kim-dotcom-sticks-it-man-again-mega-future-libraries