The last thing Westport needs is another high-end women’s boutique.

But apparently Atlanta has not yet reached its limit. Which is why the upscale Buckhead neighborhood has welcomed a new shop.

Called w.port.

The name comes from “the beautiful town I grew up in,” says owner Emily Bean.

Emily Bean

Emily Bean

Her fashion chops run deep. Emily’s 1st job, at 15, was in a Main Street boutique. She interned in New York, earned a degree in fashion merchandising from the University of Mississippi, then worked as a manager at Ralph Lauren and Intermix.

At 29, she was ready to open her own place.

w.port — don’t ask me how to pronounce it — encompasses Emily’s vision of “timeless, laid-back luxury and easy glamour.” More than half the lines are new, and exclusive, to the Atlanta market.

Emily travels widely to source one-of-a-kind new pieces for her store. But there is a lot more than fashion to her life.

Several years ago, Emily was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, she has devoted herself to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She’s run full and half marathons, as fundraisers.

w.port means she has less time to train. So she’s donating 2% of her profits to the organization. She’s also hosting training events for other runners.


w.port’s Westport connection includes Emily’s business partner, Pat Mastandrea. A Westport resident, she has spent 20 years in the media and entertainment industry. Traveling around the world, Pat developed a passion for fashion.

Our own Westport may be maxed out with women’s boutiques. But thanks to Emily and Pat, we’re now exporting the Westport brand.

(Click here for a rave review of w.port, from an Atlanta-based blog.)

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  1. Any one in Westport know any one connected to the Atlanta Housewifes show and manage an introduction for Emily?

    • I went to Emory and have a big Atlanta base- I’ll send out a fb note now

    • I would be careful with that. That show is entertaining but overall reputation wise you take a big risk appearing on it. For example, most of the NYC private schools won’t look at apps of kids who have parents that appeared on it.

  2. Congratulations to Emily for making her dream an impressive reality. The shop sounds terrific, and I will forward the blog to my Atlanta friends.

  3. Honey Boo Boo Fan

    I just forwarded the information to the producers of Honey Boo Boo, so that should help 😉