Up On The Roof

Every day brings a new revelation about Saugatuck’s renaissance.

This week, it was the roof.

Seems there’s a nice rooftop on Bridge Square. It offers spectacular views of the Saugatuck River, Bridge Street Bridge, kayakers and scullers and seagulls…

Too bad it’s limited to tenants of the small shopping center — not their customers.

Except for fitness buffs at Saugatuck Studios.

Starting this Saturday, Fran Hoyte’s studio hosts rooftop classes.

Herma Hale will conduct Hatha yoga classes Saturdays at 9:30 a.m., on the Bridge Square rooftop. (Photo/Frances Hoyte)

They range from Pilates and hatha yoga to functional strength sessions. The earliest is 6:30 a.m.; the latest, 6:15 p.m. The timing (and location) make them perfect for time-starved commuters.

But — this being yoga — you can work out your stress (and tight muscles) in one of the most serene (and secret) settings in Westport.

An added bonus:  You face due east. Sunrises are great. In the evening, the light reflecting off the water is amazing.

Saugatuck Studios is located on the lower level of Bridge Square (site of a former fish market). There’s an awesome river view.

That’s one secret of Saugatuck.

The rooftop is another.

What’s next? Westport eagerly awaits the revelation.

(For more information click here; then click “Class Sign Up.”)

9 responses to “Up On The Roof


    It’s not a secret anymore! 😉

  2. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Herma and Fran are top notch!!! I know them both and are great instructors and practioners… FYI the fish market was on the otherside I use to work there.

  3. Old Bridge Square

    I used to work in the offices off of the roof deck. The view was nice, but not as good as you have pictured. 😉

  4. Eric Buchroeder

    Hi Dan,
    This is Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican presidential candidate speaking out through the good graces of our mutual admirer Eric Buchroeder to urge you to “cease and desist” on the use of my campaign theme song “Up On The Roof.” You see, the vast left-wing conspiracy has attempted to use the transportation habits of our family dog, Seamus to demonize my campaign. Seamus WANTED to be on that roof. Seamus NEEDED to be on that roof. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I did, however drive the getaway car and use a 3rd party hose to get rid of the evidence. My dogs make their own decisions about where they ride in a car. We even sing about it in the Romney campaign. So STOP using my song, OK?

    • Westport Convert

      Hi Mitt,
      This is President Obama. Your dog sounds delicious. Please send him my way for lunch, OK?

      • Eric Buchroeder

        Dear President Obama,
        I don’t believe all the dog crap about you eating dogs. It’s amazing what some people will say to get me elected. But(t) I’ll put it to Seamus (not literally, I don’t do those things) and if he wants to have lunch with you, it’s his funeral. (I think I’m kidding, what do you think? I’m not sure but that may change).

        • Westport Convert

          I’ll have the poodle soup, please.

          • Eric Buchroeder

            Dear Convert,
            Its a custom item on the menu. Has been served at Massachusetts Governor state dinners to rave reviews. You throw the poodle into a cage, strap the cage on the roof of your car and drive for 12 hours. Then you hose him off, strain the “drippings” into a medium size saucepan and warm to taste. If you prefer you may have a garnish of young blonde hair shavings.

  5. I would sure like to admire the view that the Bridge Square roof has to offer. I bet taking a few pictures from there would be great. Too bad it’s not meant for the customers as well.